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Samsung Electronics is a global technology leader, opening new possibilities for people and businesses worldwide. Samsung is one of the world’s leading technology companies, recognized by industry leaders for leadership and innovation. Our progress is driven by our understanding of people and culture, paired with the impact of technology in new opportunities and markets to create a better world.

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Samsung Global Customer Program

Understanding the need for our global display customers to run their businesses efficiently, we created the Samsung Global Customer Program to provide you exceptional customer service. We help with your most pressing business concerns simply to make business with us easier than ever. We connect you with our value, vision and services to help your business thrive. Get connected, get rewarded.

Simplified pricing structure, streamlined procedures and exclusive benefits give you more value.

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Global pricing model
This program provides members with guaranteed global pricing. Global enterprises can enjoy significant cost savings and predictable budget planning.
Centralized & dedicated contact
As a business, you will have a central contract and person of contact to make detailed plans, reducing cost, and downtime through a seamless process.
Employee purchase program
Members have access to Samsung’s Employee Purchase Program (EPP), which gives your employees exclusive discounts on Samsung products and devices.

Get early access to the latest technologies and insights.

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Industry leading insights
Samsung’s innovation pushes boundaries. Gain first access to the latest technology and a full portfolio of display solutions that meet business needs.
Collaborative onboarding
We work with you to develop a proof of concept that addresses your business needs. Our goal is to provide the results you are looking for.
Mutually beneficial partnership
We are committed to supporting our member’s events and provide exclusive invitations to Samsung’s global events, customer roundtables, and more.

Global customers can count on high-quality service and solutions guaranteed to last.

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Consistent global service
No matter where your organization is, our program ensures a consistent service. You will receive the quality attention to detail Samsung is known for.
Always on call
Members have access to Samsung’s 24/7 call center. Samsung product and solution questions can be answered with a call to our toll-free number.
Extended warranty
Members also enjoy peace of mind with an exceptional extended warranty up to 5 years available for purchase on all Samsung products and solutions.