Why should I pay more money for Samsung’s hospitality displays when I can provide entertainment for cheaper with a conventional TV?

First published 2014.05.28/ Updated: 2014.05.28

Hospitality Displays have a wide range of uses that are perfect for any hospitality environment, including hotels, cruise liners, healthcare offices and restaurants. The administrator mode offered by Hospitality Displays prevents unauthorized users from accidentally changing display configuration and streamlines setup and management of a number of TVs.

Samsung hospitality displays are compatible with set-top boxes (STB) offered by all major System Integration firms, while Samsung’s specialized hospitality solutions allow users to create a hotel portal without requiring a STB. Samsung’s hospitality solutions also allow hotels to enhance their brand image by displaying logos or welcome messages as well as to offer a more convenient guest experience with a specialized “Home Menu” that includes a easy-to-use telephone directory or a shortcut to popular entertainment options. Furthermore, all Samsung hospitality products are designed for the hotel environment so they are fire retardant, theft-proof and compatible with a swivel stand.