What is new function of MagicINFO server 4.0?

First published 2016.08.17/ Updated: 2016.08.30

System Requirements
• Totally new UI for better functionality and usability
Consistent Menu Structure throughout software family Ensuring consistency of menu and layout structure between MagicInfo Server v4.0 and MagicInfo Express 2 UI
Intuitive Menu Structure Left to right menu navigation is now more intuitive and design layout for menus has been optimized
Simplified scheduling with GUI Supports rapid scheduling by minimizing the number of steps and popups. Just drag and drop to add content and adjust playing time
Web Author Streamlined content creator base on the same UI of MagicInfo Express 2. A consistent user interface is now assured between Server 4.0 and Web Author.
• New and enhanced features for easier content management
New History Tab New history tab opens up multi-tasking capability, allowing you to easily start, close or switch between works
Quick Edit Quick Edit feature enables users to directly edit content, period and playing time from schedule lists without needing to enter the ‘Edit Schedule’ menu
Direct data uploadwithout add-in installation No more need to install JavaScript to upload. The upload interface has been simplified through the integration of a drag and drop function
Convenient status barto check file upload Status bar supports the ability to monitor both the publishing status and upload status in real time while working on other pages. Maximize status bar to view more detailed information
• Upgraded device management for centralized management
Easy device tagging Assigning different tags to each device at a time has become simpler and more intuitive through use of drag and drop capability within the same pop-up
Enhanced search capability Upgraded search feature now supports diverse search keywords such as location, model name, firmware name as well as IP and device name
Unified Group Premium and Lite has now been unified, simplifying the overall device structure. This allow for users to be able to schedule and manage all devices consistently