What is the second generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP 2)? What is the difference between the first generation SSSP (SSSP 1) and SSSP 2?

First published 2014.05.28/ Updated: 2018.04.09

SSSP provides functions that do not require a separate PC, including an interactive, PC-less Touch interface, PC-less video wall management and PC-less DataLink support. When introduced in early 2013, SSSP 1 was the industry’s first display solution platform for digital signage.
Offering a more improved and enhanced integrated digital signage platform from SSSP 1, SSSP 2 eliminates the need for external media players and streamlines the deployment process—saving time and money for content integrators and businesses alike. More specifically : SSSP 2 is powered by a quad-core System-on Chip (SoC) processor technology, which delivers double the processing power of SSSP 1—boosting performance, convenience, simplicity of use and versatility.