[Picture Quality] The Display image does not look as good as it did in the store.

First published 2016.08.19/ Updated: 2016.08.19

  • First of all, please perform the Picture Test and confirm that your Display is properly displaying test image. (go to MENU - Support - Self Diagnosis - Picture Test) If the test image is properly displayed, the poor picture may caused by the source or signal.Store displays are all tuned to digital, HD (high definition) channels
  • If you have an analog cable/set top box, upgrade to a digital set top box. Use HDMI or Component cables to deliver HD (high definition) picture quality.
  • Cable/Satellite subscribers: Try HD channels from the channel line up.
  • Air/Cable Antenna connection: Try HD channels after performing Auto program. Many HD channels are up scaled from SD (Standard Definition) contents. Look for a channel that is broadcasting true HD content.
  • Adjust the Cable/Sat box video output resolution to 1080i or 720p.