[Firmware] What features have been added via new Firmware (Ver. 1231.5) update?

First published 2018.12.04/ Updated: 2018.12.06

1. Add Remote Management Solution (MagicINFO) support (Factory Support)

- When the Remote Management Solution Support menu is enabled in the Factory menu, the UI for adding the MagicINFO Server URL is displayed in the setting menu.

- To use this feature, you need to install the MagicINFO 6002 version.

- If you enable the RM support option on the Flip after installing MagicINFO 6002 version, you can use the following two functions

   1) Remote power on/off Function

   2) Firmware update by MagicINFO Server

- To use this function, purchase one RM license for each Flip.

2. Add Capture On/Off

Mirroring image capture On/off menu setting is set to be linked with HDCP so that HDCP video can be played when capture is off.

- Capture On (HDCP Off)

- Capture Off (HDCP On)

3. Add auto source change (HDMI)

- HDMI window automatically opens when HDMI signal is detected.

4. Add PIP Screen size function (Full/pip)

- When inputting the source, set the default size of the PIP window to PIP and Fullscreen.

5. Add Network Reset

- Added network reset function for network changes after a certain period of time.

6. Add 6-Pin digit (Factory Support)

- This function can be changed in the factory menu and recommended set at the time of installation.

- Factory Reset required after changing the 4-Pin/6-Pin option in the factory menu.

- When changing during use, the existing PW is initialized.

- All roles deleted upon factory reset.

7. Use of device name for Hostname

- In the past, hostname was collectively "Samsung", but after the change, the device name becomes the hostname.

8. Screen mirroring, PIP minimum size/small resize

- The default size is the same and the minimum size is reduced by half.

9. Add self-diagnosis (Email, LDAP, Printer)

- If USB is connected and the diagnostic function is executed, USB is provided as an XML file format for diagnosis results and check requirement guide.

- It is a function for IT managers and not intended for use by general users.

10. Add “Send mail only to me”function (Factory Support)

- Added ability to limit recipients to sender accounts only.

11. Auto Power OFF for US/KR region in OSD Menu

- This function is currently supported in the US, Europe and Korea.

12. . Improved handwriting mode

- Improved performance by improving handwriting mode structure in e-mail transmissions.

13. Touch Firmware upgrade

- Improved touch performance with touch firmware upgrade.