[Firmware_Flip2] What features are added via new Firmware (Ver. 1060) update?

First published 2019.10.18/ Updated: 2019.10.21

1 Web Browser is added

2 New remote workstation options are added (VMWare, Office 365, Remote PC (RDP/VNC).)

3 Multimedia Player Support is added to Play Videos on FLIP.

4 Private Certificate installation support added

5 HDMI CEC Support is added.

6 Freeze Frame feature is added on HDMI Source Content.

7 User can change Page Layout while Sending Email or Making Printout according to Content.

8 Merge to Roll is supported for Image in Full Screen Mode.

9 Image can be saved in Brush Mode.

10 Capture button is added on Image Viewer.

11 GIF file Support is added for Screen Saver.

12 Screen Share Indicator is added for better identification

13 HDMI OUT Resolution selection option is added for FHD / UHD.

14 Speaker Select Option Is added like Flip Speaker, External or Sound Out.

15 Sound Feedback is added

16 When Forms are applied, Edit mode of Selector is improved for Visibility

17 HDCP content Support is added for HDMI3 Port.

18 Oil/Water Selection Menu is added at the time of New Roll for Brush Mode.

19 HDCP content on HDMI OUT Port Is Enabled / Disabled based on secure/ Unsecure Content displayed on Screen.

20 Touch Firmware Is Updated for Better performance.