Interactive whiteboard solution for Windows OS

Expand what you thought was possible on an interactive display. The new Samsung Whiteboard App enables smooth handwriting on the whiteboard to be reflected on a PC in real time. Create seamless collaboration experiences in classrooms, conference rooms, or video calls.

* Samsung Whiteboard App is supported on devices with Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher.

Save and share written content in real-time

The Samsung Whiteboard App enables users to bring content or applications stored on Windows OS to the display for seamless collaboration. Any edits or updates made to content on-screen can now be easily saved to a personal device and shared in real-time via PC or mobile with multiple participants.

Ideate without limitations on video conferences

With the Samsung Whiteboard App, real-time handwriting on the interactive display is now possible during video conferences. Participants can annotate and add to on-screen content which will be viewable for all attendees, enhancing collaboration experiences in any education or business environment.

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