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The Modern Classroom, Transformation of the Learning Environment

  • Digital natives define the 21st century learning environment. Brought up in an immersive digital environment, learners today expect to be able to bring their own device to the lesson and use technology to engage in the classroom experience. Advanced E-board solution can deliver a personalized learning environment that incorporate visuals, sound and text to appeal to all senses.. At the same time, technology is redefining the classroom, breaking down traditional barriers and connecting communities of practice across the world.

How Samsung E-board is Transforming the Classroom

  • Interact & Share

    Floating menu allows quick and easy content annotation, editing and writing. Input onto the on-screen content on the fly. Up to ten people can edit the on-screen content at the same time. Save handwritten notes from class, save annotations and distribute material for student review, portfolios, and collaboration.

  • Collaborate & Engage

    Engage students with participatory lessons that reinforce skills with multi-sensory and collaborative learning experiences. Collaborate on classroom projects with file management software that ensures continuity over the semester.

  • Digital Learning

    Build your collection with digital efficiency, refining lessons as you go and expanding activities to explore avenues of learning as they emerge. Take the classroom outside through connectivity with multiple device types to empower learners toengage with the digital content.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

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Bolsover C of E Junior School "Samsung's interactive displays engage students more, add interactivity to all and provide personalized experience for different learning styles."- Mark Backhouse, Year 6 Teacher -