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SMART Office, for Enhanced Communication and Immersive Collaboration

  • In business, disruption is the new normal. The only defense is to innovate. Innovation doesn't begin when the presentation stays on screen. It flows when ideas flow, when teams communicate, when voices are heard, when information is exchanged. Generating ideas means nothing if they're not captured: The Samsung E-board Solution is an integral part of the SMART Office, driving innovation across teams and facilitating efficient management decisions.

How Samsung E-board is Transforming your office

  • Engage and Contribute

    Share presentations and collaborate live in a digital whiteboard space. Remote users and participants are accountable and engaged as everyone contributes, whether they are in the conference room or remote locations.

  • Collaborate and Visualize

    Create interactive presentations and mind maps. Import your own images, snapshots and office files to visualize concepts. Write, draw, organize and manipulate content on an unlimited supply of digital whiteboards.

  • Save and Share

    Save complete presentations, annotations, notes and mind maps into one comprehensive file. Save time with post meeting tasks by sharing all material, visualizations and notes in one click.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

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GEICO "The high deegree of reliability, quality and design of Samsung solutions is an added value that allows us to fully meet the customers' needs."- Ali Reza Arabnia, Chairman, President and CEO -