MagicINFO™ 8 Maintenance

Keep your MagicINFO™ solution up to date, always

Get the most out of your solution with Samsung’s professional maintenance services, which provides enhanced technical support for optimum functionality. The MagicINFO Maintenance gives customers access to troubleshooting support, advanced resources, and ensures that they have the latest version of MagicINFO software by connecting them to Samsung technical experts through a secure web portal*. *MMP, MagicINFO Maintenance Portal

  • Trusted Service
    Trusted service
    Professional maintenance from Samsung exports
  • Fast Response
    Fast response
    Direct connection to technical expertise and support
  • Updated Solution
    Updated solution
    Up to date MagicINFO™ software

Seamless solution, simple subscription

Receive a 12-month free trial of MagicINFO Maintenance Service with a purchase of a MagicINFO™ Server license. After the free trial, customers may extend their MagicINFO Maintenance Service with a 12-month subscription, which includes the ability to upgrade their MagicINFO™ solution at any time, without the purchase of a new license.

MagicINFO Server License
  • Perpetual software license
  • 12-month free trial of maintenance service included with first MagicINFO license purchase
MagicINFO Maintenance Service
  • technical support and upgrade software solution at anytime 12-month subscription after free trial ends
MagicINFO Server License, MagicINFO Maintenance Service MagicINFO Server License, MagicINFO Maintenance Service

Access professional customer support

To support the intelligent features and capabilities of MagicINFO™, Samsung’s MagicINFO Maintenance Service provides comprehensive customer support to ensure users always have peace of mind.

Technical support

Technical inquiries
Users can register all inquiries on the MMP (MagicINFO Maintenance Portal) at any time, requesting detailed information to learn about the latest MagicINFO™ features and compare versions of the software to understand the differences.
Technical inquiries
Trouble shooting
If users have any issues related to MagicINFO™, they can report these issues and escalate them through the MMP. Once this issue has been reported, Samsung’s technical support team can analyze via a remote support session if needed and deliver a recommendation accordingly based on the resolution most suited to the user’s environment.
Trouble shooting

Knowledge hub

Advanced information access
All users have access to a variety of high-quality, informative documents on the MMP to ensure they feel confident and knowledgeable about their MagicINFO™ solution. These documents include a basic manual for a full overview and advanced documents to build a variety of complex user scenarios such as API instruction, migration guide and even sample codes provided to help users with coding.
Advanced information access

Software upgrade

Update to the latest version
Users that have purchased MagicINFO maintenance service can get the most from their software by upgrading to the newest version of the solution, ensuring access to the latest features and benefits while allowing smooth and seamless business operation.
Update to the latest version