MagicINFO™ 9 Maintenance

MagicINFO™ Cloud service item includes Maintenance Serivce, customers of MagicINFO Cloud do not need to purchase the service separately.

Access on-demand experts for comprehensive support

Maintaining up-to-date software is essential to ensuring you always get the most out of your solution. Samsung MagicINFO™ Maintenance Service provides fast access to Samsung experts ready to provide reliable support that addresses customer’s needs and requirements. The annual subscription-based service can be purchased from authorized Samsung MagicINFO™ distributors or resellers.

Managed through the MMP (MagicINFO Maintenance Portal) site, users can submit technical inquiries or troubleshooting requests and access useful resources in the knowledge hub. Users can upload any question or issue and check the status of their request – all which are promptly escalated to ensure the appropriate support is provided in a timely manner.

Technical Support

Technical inquiries

Users can register all inquiries on the MMP at any time, requesting detailed information to learn about the latest MagicINFO™ features and compare versions of the software to understand the differences.

Trouble shooting

If users have any issues related to MagicINFO™ they can report these issues and escalate them through the MMP. Once this issue has been reported, Samsung’s technical support team can analyze via a remote support session if needed and deliver a recommendation accordingly based on the resolution most suited to the user’s environment.

Software Upgrade

Update access

Users can get the most from Samsung MagicINFO™ by upgrading to the newest version of the solution. By subscribing to MagicINFO™ Maintenance Service, users are enabled to upgrade their software when a new version is available.

*This may not be applicable to you if you already have the latest version and Samsung may not be able to provide an upgraded version during your subscription term

Access the MagicINFO™ Maintenance Portal