Magicinfo feature

The Solution to your Business Challenges

Manage Entire Content and Devices with Single, yet Consolidated Solution

Flexible Contents Creation

Tailored to any hardware screen

Whether you are looking to utilize landscape or portrait, or a single screen or a multi-screen display wall, the choice is yours to decide what’s best for your display environment. A range of hardware options can be accommodated at the user’s disposal, including horizontal, vertical single screens, videowalls and a customized size for LED.

Create diverse content in dynamic formats

MagicINFO includes an even broader library of templates, icons and images, offering greater opportunity for businesses of all formats to tailor content for their unique audience needs.

Features that make this possible

  • Compatible with various formats
  • Loads of templates & clip art
  • Dynamic visual effect
  • CEF, QR code creation
  • User's fonts supported
  • Widget integration
  • Content lock
  • Web content preview

Strengthen customer engagement and purchase intent

MagicINFO solution delivers targeted content through highly-compatible recognition sensors. The sensors – IR distance, proximity recognition, NFC, Barcode and RFID tag readers–activate a personalized welcome message as consumers approach the store which allows businesses to highlight content relevant to the consumer. Meanwhile, other CMS solutions charge for development needed for trigger scenarios, however, the highly usable MagicINFO Author negates any additional cost.

Respond to consumers’ motions

Samsung’s MagicINFO platform features a connected 3D camera that captures customers’ motions and activities, and works with the complementary Content Manager app and MagicINFO I Player facilitator to place relevant content in the areas of greatest visibility.

Versatile and Real Timing Contents Management

A web-based solution accessible wherever you are

The MagicINFO platform mirrors the drag-and-drop user interface of the central platform, and provides similar approaches for users to adjust content schedules, build playlists and integrate new text or visuals without requiring a connected PC. Content managers also can receive mobile alerts notifying them of potential performance issues or deployment errors, and work quickly to address them from any location. These convenient benefits ultimately reduce overall content management time and expenses.

  • Advanced Tag Management
  • Group Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Multi-Frame, Multi-Channel

Streamlined scheduling that works on your time

The real power within Samsung MagicINFO Server lies with its ability to provide multiple network-based solutions for displays that are situated in different settings, whether on-site or off-site. As an end-to-end manufacturer of both hardware and software, Samsung can also innovate further than the competition, such as attaining a level of compatibility for MagicINFO Server that allows to seamlessly operate across standalone displays, video wall displays, semi-outdoor, outdoor displays and more. That same innovation appears in the form of an effective remote controller that can turn on/off displays, conduct or schedule remote maintenance tasks and install updates without impeding display performance.

Features that make this possible

  • Simple Scheduling
  • Nested Playlist Creation
  • Playlist Restoring

Centralized Display Management

Smart and uninterrupted content delivery

MagicINFO server maintains a consistent content flow at all times, reducing potential interruptions and distractions. The platform allocates content to a neighboring secondary display if the primary display becomes unavailable while sending an email notification with an overview of the error.

Signal Detection

No signal detected

Remote capability to change display settings

As a content platform that can support both remote hardware and software management, MagicINFO centralizes and expands user control. The MagicINFO technology serves as a virtual “remote control,” permitting content managers to change display properties from any location. Users also can establish multiple independent content frames on a single screen without interference or security challenges.

Features that make this possible

  • Remote control
  • Security control

Detailed performance monitoring

In-depth monitoring and a real-time alert system offer MagicINFO users greater visibility into their overall display network performance. The MagicINFO platform oversees and identifies potential disruptions in both hardware and external server operations, and immediately contacts managers through email and mobile notifications.

Features that make this possible

  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • External Server Monitoring
  • LED Screen Control
  • Email Alarm

Extensive Flexibility

Provide APIs for partners’ rebranding or customizing

  • Partners can create their own branded webpage for their customers to access MagicINFO Server
  • Partner and customize or integrate MagicINFO by adding their special features or using their own systems

Login just once with just one ID/PW NEW

Supporting single sign-on protocol and seamless operation by system. (MagicINFO 7 supports LDAP(‘19.04), SAML/oauth(‘19.RC). Users can log in to every system with just a single ID/PW. After first login, users don’t have to login when they move to other systems like email portals

Automated sync with internal user info

MagicINFO Server will automatically sync with the groups in LDAP server which means User ID creation/delete and assigning role will be automated via MagicINFO Server

Data & Analytics Service NEW

Dynamic, real-time data delivery without interruptions

Dynamic, real-time data delivery without interruptions MagicINFO Datalink delivers up-to-date information with simplified, real-time content management by collecting external data from the customer database and sending to the MagicINFO Server. Users can create dynamic content with MagicINFO Datalink, adapting elements such as changes in price, exchanges rates and interest rates, all of which can change in real time. This capability allows users to customize and display impacting information, streamline content management and minimize operation cost. Back up solution for network disconnection. Saving the last 24 hours every 15 minutes history by XML format in internal storage. According to the user’s authority, access to database group is limited, thus ensuring security of data.

  • Dynamic price change for promotion through POS (QSR)
  • Update exchange rate or interest rate immediately as they change (Finance)

Data-driven analytics for optimal Ad displays

MagicINFO Analytics, allows users to optimize store promotions and campaigns based on real-time integrated data. Marketers can create custom rules and automate promotions to display the most relevant content to customers every time. MagicINFO Analytics also provides a dashboard which delivers meaningful performance reports including sales trend analysis based on time of day, date and weather as well as individual ad performance and funnel reports. The MagicINFO Analytics platform allows retail managers and marketers to better understand promotion results, thereby facilitating future marketing campaigns.

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