MagicINFO™ 9 Cloud

The cloud-hosted and managed service

During these times of change, early adopters have fully embraced Cloud Technologies. Samsung is changing the way businesses bring content to life with MagicINFO™ Cloud, a complete digital signage content management software solution. Building upon the success of the existing MagicINFO™ platform, the cloud-hosted and managed service provides customers with an easy, reliable and affordable web-based offering for the creation, scheduling and delivery of eye-catching content across digital signage networks. Enhanced by data-driven insights, MagicINFO™ Cloud gives businesses web-accessible control over a variety of displays, a single point platform to create and distribute content, manage and control your connected display end points and an optimized workflow to run seamless media from content creation, publishing through to device management.

The optimal and cost-effective way of operating Samsung Digital Signage

There’s no need for upfront licensing fees or the stress of setting up your own servers (and maintaining them). Focus your energy on elevating and delivering your messaging across your Samsung digital displays, while our experts manage the rest on powerful, dedicated servers. No hidden costs or extras -just one all-inclusive price per year. Samsung’s MagicINFO™ managed solution is an intuitive service that:

• Provides web-accessible control over a variety of Samsung commercial displays (from standalone units to video walls).
• Offers a single-point platform to create and distribute content, remotely and collaboratively, anywhere in the world.
• Offers optional in-house support, from our pool of Samsung experts to guide you through your digital journey.

Harness the power of Samsung MagicINFO, the all-inclusive digital signage platform that offers seamlessly-integrated software and hardware management tools, now in a cloud-hosted managed solution

Offerings information

Offerings information table
Service Offerings Standard Premium Premium Plus
MagicINFO™ Cloud hosting server O O O
MagicINFO™ Cloud server upgrade and maintenance O O O
MagicINFO™ Cloud server technical inquiry O O O
Proactive monitoring - O O
Remote Technical Support via email, Phone 1) - 12 x 7 24 x 7
Response time with SLA 2) - O O
Priority path for issue escalation - O O
Add-on service availability - O O
  • 1) Language support - English, Spanish, Chinese
  • 2) Response time depending on severity levels defined

MagicINFO™Cloud FAQ

  • Q. Which cloud service provider does the MagicINFO™ Cloud use?

    A. Samsung provides options of industry leading cloud service provider
    (AWS, Azure) to meet customer requirements.

  • Q. How can I get support from The Samsung NOC?

    A. The Samsung NOC provides toll-free numbers and a dedicated email address.

  • Q. What is the difference between ‘Premium’ and ‘Premium Plus”?

    A. For the 'Premium Plus' service, the Samsung NOC provides technical support to Customers, 24x7. This service is suitable for 24 hour operations such as convenience stores or QSR/offices. For the 'Premium' service, the Samsung NOC provides 12 hours of support daily, making it suitable for regular retail stores.

  • Q. What is The Samsung NOC support?

    A. The Samsung NOC provides customers with support and guidance for technical issues of Samsung displays and MagicINFO™ with 24x7 proactive monitoring.

  • Q. Is MagicINFO™ Cloud service available in my country?

    A. The availability of MagicINFO™ Cloud service may vary depending on where you are located. Currently, it is available in North America, Europe, and China. Please contact your Samsung regional sales manager for its availability in your country.