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Color Expert Pro

Industry-Leading calibration technology for large-scale video walls

Why is Calibration Important?

Calibration for original content matching
and a heightened visual experience for viewers

An immersive viewing experience is an essential part of a successful business environment.
However, because a video wall is composed of individual displays, units may vary in luminescence, brightness, color and other attributes, leaving viewers with a poor viewing experience and a negative impression of the business.
By accurately calibrating all displays in the video wall, users are able to witness a uniform picture for an optimal viewing experience.

Samsung Color Expert Pro Technology

Industry-leading calibration technology
for large-scale video walls

Samsung’s Color Expert Pro technology is a cutting-edge solution that allows users to ensure vibrant, uniform picture quality across their displays – even after installation.
The technology is the last step in the rigorous three-part approach that Samsung takes to make sure that all its displays exude highest picture quality.

  • pc
    Factory Calibration

    Samsung’s multistep factory tuning works to enable uniform brightness and color across video wall displays.

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    ACM Chipset

    ACM IC is embedded to enable more delicate and accurate calibration than conventional solutions.

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    Color Expert Pro Software

    Allows users to more finely tune color and other attributes after factory calibration and installation for even better performance.

Samsung calibration process

  • Aging
    Before uniformity, white balance and gamma correction, each monitor undergoes a three-step Aging process to prepare an environment that is similar to the actual usage environment.
  • Local Uniformity
    Measuring local brightness of a 5x5 area in a single display and adjusting local uniformity at more than 90% accuracy are what makes Samsung color management technology superior to that of competitors.
  • Gamma
    Tuning the display to provide natural shading and gradation without color distortion.
  • White Balance
    Samsung factory calibration manages the white balance of each display within a 300K error range for color uniformity.

Samsung Color Expert Pro Software

Adjust and configure colors easily with intuitive, easy-to-use Samsung Color Expert Pro software.

PC software, a complete, detailed
and accurate calibration

Color Expert Pro is a software application that allows users to fine-tune the calibration of their Samsung displays to provide an optimal viewing experience for its intended audience.

  • Accurate color, high local uniformity With Samsung’s embedded Advanced Color Management (ACM) 16-bit internal chipset, video walls are now able to showcase smooth and clear color gradation across all displays. Color Expert Pro calibrates the ACM Chipset to produce accurate, uniform color at the highest performance available in the market.
  • Enhanced picture quality for any setting Color Expert Pro delivers stunning before-and-after results. White balancing options work to ensure accurate white color. Users can calibrate for consistent luminance and color uniformity across displays. Gamma and gray scale calibration brings out subtleties, detail and depth in white-to-black gradation.
  • Simple setup, installation and usability Color Expert Pro makes setup easy, with support for automatic identification and connectivity. More advanced than conventional solutions that require a complex, multi-step installation procedure, Color Expert Pro’s intuitive user interface and straightforward connections make installation possible in a snap.

Calibration process

Step 1. Connect the video wall to the computer using cables.

Step 2. Connect the calibrator to a USB port on the computer where Color Expert Pro will be run.

Step 3. Install Color Expert Pro on the computer.

Step 4. Update the firmware on the video walls to the latest version.

Step 5. Calibrate the screen colors using Color Expert Pro.

Mobile app, rapid, convenient calibration

Samsung’s Color Expert Pro Mobile app allows users to easily fine-tune their video walls on-the-fly.
The app enables simple, quick and cost-effective calibration without the need for costly equipment or engineers - even after installation.

  • Intuitive mobile app for easy adjustment Thanks to an intuitive, user-friendly interface, Color Expert Pro Mobile gives users the freedom to easily calibrate large-scale video walls with no special training. Users can just simply download this powerful mobile app and begin calibrating and optimizing video walls for stunning results.

    * Color Expert Pro Mobile supports white balance calibration only. Local uniformity and gamma and gray scale are not supported. Color Expert Pro supports full calibration.

  • Enhanced picture quality for any setting Color Expert Pro Mobile uses the smartphone camera to quickly and easily calibrate without the need for a professional calibrator to be physically connected to the video wall. This highly cost-effective solution can calibrate up to 25 sets(5x5) of displays at once – dramatically faster than one-by-one calibration methods.
  • Simple setup, installation and usability In the past, fine tuning large-scale video wall displays after they’ve been installed usually required a great deal of time, effort and difficulty. Now, Color Expert Pro Mobile allows users to conveniently adjust and calibrate the picture quality whenever necessary, without having to disassemble large-scale video walls.

Calibration process

Step 1. Install the apk file of Color Expert Pro and Color Expert Pro Mobile from SLM page on the laptop and mobile phone.

Step 2.
  • Connect the video walls and the laptop via RS232 or RJ45 cables.
  • Connect the laptop and access point (AP).
  • Connect the mobile phone and access point (AP).

Step 3. Click the mobile icon in Color Expert Pro on laptop and connect mobile phone and laptop

Step 4. Set IP address of the laptop on the mobile phone to complete the connection.

Step 1. Install the apk file of Color Expert Pro Mobile from SLM page on the mobile phone.

Step 1. Connect the video walls and the mobile phone.

Step 3. Find and connect the video wall to be calibrated on mobile app

Software & Manuals Downloads

  • Color Expert Pro (PC ver.)

  • Color Expert Pro (Mobile ver.)

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Color Expert Pro(PC ver.) Color Expert Pro(Mobile ver.)
Technology type
  • PC software using calibrator
  • Calibration with ACM chipset
  • Mobile application through wireless sensor
  • Use embedded camera as calibrator
Benefits Precise calibration, customized setting Quick & easy, cost saving
Calibration feature White balance / Gamma correction / Local uniformity White balance
How to calibrate Calibrate one by one and connect up to 15 x 15 with daisy chain loop out Calibrate 5x 5 sets at once and extend to bigger size by overlapping calibration area
Calibration duration(2x2 sets) 6 min 1 min
System requirements

Windows 7 32bit/64bit, Windows 8 32bit/64bit, Windows 10 32bit/64bit

A calibrator is required to use the Samsung Color Expert Pro software. Customers must purchase the calibrator separately. X-Rite i1 Display Pro is recommended.

Samsung Galaxy phone only
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9, Galaxy Note8
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Compatible Video Wall Products

Calibrator Compatibility

Konica Minolta Xrite Datacolor
  • CA210
  • CA310
  • CA210
  • CA310
Spyder 4