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Samsung Business TV

Why Samsung Business TV?

For many businesses, displaying content on commercial TVs is essential for effective customer communication. But it’s often not easy to keep them updated with limited time and resources. Samsung Business TV enables enterprises of all sizes to maximize the benefits of commercial TVs. The versatile Business TVs can be easily integrated with their associated content management app, empowering businesses to manage their own content - no matter how little time and resources they have. Samsung Business TV offers companies with physical locations a powerful, yet simple way of better communicating with their customers.

  • Intuitive software
    Not a content expert? No problem. You can confidently use Samsung Business TV’s app without any experience - all processes are easy.
  • Attractive content
    With lots of high quality, free templates tailored for various business needs included, you can create impactful and eye-catching content immediately.
  • No hidden costs
    All you need to do is download the app to your smartphone or tablet. No additional cost required.

Content management made simple

With the Samsung Business TV content management app, it’s extremely easy to upload dynamic, eye-catching content to your Business TV. The app’s incredibly simple interface allows you to edit, review, finalize and deploy content - all in one place.

Eye-catching free templates

Choose from over 100 pre-loaded, free templates to create your own content. With vertical orientation, promotions that display alongside TV programs, motion-embedded, seasonal sale and other pre-designed layouts all available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect visuals for your business.

Dynamic content delivery

Make your content stand out with impressive slideshow effects. Take advantage of pre-programmed transitions to effortlessly - and effectively - deliver multiple promotions and messages.

As flexible as you need

In addition to customizable free templates, the Samsung Business TV app gives you the freedom to showcase your own, unique content. Show the content you want, where you want, when you want.

Solution for a wide range of business needs

Whether you’re an independent restaurant who wants to be able to easily update a digital menu board, a medical center who needs to show up-to-date public information videos, or a large retail store advertising specific product ranges, Samsung Business TV makes it all possible.

Cafes and restaurants

Solution for a wide range of business needs - cafes and restaurants


Solution for a wide range of business needs - Pharmacy

Beauty shop

Solution for a wide range of business needs - Beauty shop

Footwear store

Solution for a wide range of business needs - Footwear store

Telco retailer

Solution for a wide range of business needs - Telco retailer

Medical centers

Solution for a wide range of business needs - Medical centers

Compatible Products

BET-H / North America
BET-H / North America

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