Samsung Smart Signage Platform(sssp) Samsung Smart Signage Platform(sssp)

Samsung Smart
Signage Platform

An all-in-one digital signage platform powered by Tizen

What is SSSP(Samsung Smart Signage Platform)?

Transforming digital signage with a simple, all-in-one solution

As consumer needs have evolved and more businesses begin using digital signage, there has been a surge in the variety of display offerings available to them. Over time, solutions were introduced, but they still didn’t fully address the core need for lighter, simpler media players. The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) simplifies everything to where users just need to establish an internet connection to begin playing digital content from the content server.

Integrated application for all partners

SSSP is a fully integrated program where partners can leverage a developer-friendly platform with high compatibility with HTML5 and ECMAScript 6 and three-layer secured protection. SSSP also offers features that give new ways for partners to craft their own solutions. In addition, content can be streamed directly from the cloud server to the screen over an internet connection.

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Next Generation SSSP powered by Tizen

Powered by Tizen, our latest generation of SSSP evolves the multimedia and hardware management experience for dedicated partners through cloud technology, while eliminating the need for additional hardware, allowing for greater efficiency and a lowered total cost of ownership.

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Key Features

Strengthened Compatibility

SSSP is compatible with multiple web formats and standards, including HTML5 and ECMAScript 6. This allows partners to transfer their existing web applications onto SSSP without the need for format conversions or additional steps.

High HTML 5 Compatibility

HTML5 support continues to play a big factor in creating and playing rich content without relying on the device. Powered by Tizen, SSSP allows partners to efficiently and flawlessly play HTML content and is compatible with 523 of the 555 HTML5 features (a compatibility score of 94%), making it a leader in the industry.

Wider Coverage for ECMA6 Script

The sixth generation of SSSP offers improved ECMAScript 6 compatibility, making it 97% compatible with ECMAScript 6 and a leading player in the industry. SSSP allows you to play ECMAScript 6 content without the need for conversion or additional steps, creating dynamic content that is visually engaging.

Easy Development

Samsung offers partners a variety of tools to help with the development of their solutions, including application testing and debugging.

Integrated software developer Kit (SDK)

Offers SSSP partners a software developer kit (SDK) that allows them to develop customized solutions using standard open source web Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to help support customer needs.

Web application emulator

Supports a Web Application Emulator that gives SSSP partners the ability to easily run, debug and test their web applications from their PCs instead of needing to test them on a targeted physical display.

Application test automation

Supports Selenium Suite which allows developers to automatically perform web application tests and therefore, reduce the burden of manual testing by developers.

Remote web inspector

Supports Remote Web Inspector which allows SSSP partners to test and control the web applications that are being run on targeted displays from their own remote PCs.

Various Business Support

Data security continues to be an important factor in digital signage. SSSP is secured by Knox, which protects vital applications and data through a reinforced, three-layer security system.

SSSP Secured by Knox

The Knox-powered SSSP solution is secured by a three-layer defense system, offering protection across the application, platform and kernel layer. This rigid structure not only protects vital applications and content, but it also protects critical display components including the platform and hardware.

Remote workspace Secured by Knox

Due to improved security, SSSP supports remote access from the signage to the user’s PC or the cloud server, which eliminates the need for a PC or laptop during meetings. The only accessories needed to control the PC remotely are a keyboard or mouse.

Extended Features

SSSP offers a variety of additional features that provide expanded access, applications and usability for SSSP developer partners. The platform supports NaCl and Node.js, which helps build a more powerful solution.

NaCl support

Powerful native applications are traditionally difficult to develop while web applications are easy to build but slow. However, SSSP powered by Tizen, simplifies the development process. By supporting NaCl (Google Native Client), a programming language that has native-like features in web language, SSSP helps partners to make powerful applications with less effort.

Open Source Platform (Node.js)

By supporting Node.js programming, partners can plant servers in each display without the need for external PCs. The integrated, open-source Node.js cross-platform enables server-side and networking partner application management to seamlessly extend collaboration and content integration possibilities.

Auto recovery feature support

When applications crash and shut down due to system errors, SSSP will automatically attempt to re-boot up to five times. If an issue persists, then backup content will run to ensure there is no interruption to the customer experience.

Remote Management

Ensure optimized devices via remote management from the trusted industry leader

Enhanced monitoring and control for any device

Samsung Remote Management Solution is a central remote service solution that enables remote monitoring of devices and eliminates the need for site visits or service calls. The Remote Management Solution platform synchronizes with a partners’ CMS and provides a comprehensive review of hardware and display content.

Optimum hardware control

Samsung’s Remote Management Solution is the optimal hardware control solution. The Remote Management Solution offers the ability to change display settings such as power, volume, input source and more. By using the remotely-controlled OSD menu, it removes the need for onsite or engineer visits and offers the ability to push new firmware and automate software updates.

Improved monitoring

Previously, when a device was experiencing system errors, it often required the need for an onsite service call. However, Samsung’s Remote Management Solution can recognize 40 different error codes to help it to detect network issues. Additionally, the solution provides data on error rates, connection status and approvals, providing users with critical performance data anywhere, anytime.

SSSP Software Partner

How to become a software partner

Becoming a Solution Partner is simple. Sign up using our three-step process to receive access to exclusive materials and tools designed to gain customer trust, build your business and reach new markets.

  1. 1

    Find your nearest Samsung Sales Team

  2. 2

    Sign the SSSP partner program and NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)

  3. 3

    Become a registered member of the Samsung Developer Forum and access exclusive materials and tools to help you build your own business.

How to become a certified software partner

Certified Software Partner status is given to partners whose software has passed the app certification testing that Samsung conducts internally. Eligible candidates must exceed a cumulative 5,000 in license sales in a year or 10,000 in all-time license sales from SSSP products.

  1. 1

    Sign the agreement concerning app certification testing.

  2. 2

    Subnit the app to be certified along with the test cases and source codes.

  3. 3

    Receive certification after passing Samsung’s internal testing.

SSSP Compatible Products

QBN Series

UHD picture quality and sleek, stylish design capturing audience eyes.

QMN Series

Compelling UHD picture quality, extensive connectivity and ongoing 24/7 performance.