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LED Signage Manager

Control and calibrate LED displays with revolutionary technology

Versatile Control and Monitoring solution for LED signage

The LED Signage Manager is a software that allows you to control multiple display devices simultaneously from a computer. Remotely rearrange display devices with ease from the computer. Samsung’s LED Signage Manager Solution offers helpful features that include auto or manual layout settings, screen color calibration for the modules and management of the screen’s picture details. This ensures consistent performance of the LEDs, while maintaining excellent image and content delivery.

  • Layout Setting
  • Screen Calibration
  • Remote Management

Key Features

Organize LED screens effortlessly

Samsung’s LED Signage Manager Solution allows users to simply design and save the arrangement of cabinets either manually or automatically with ease. Using minimal steps, users are able to create a unique display through the meticulous layout of the cabinets, creating a vibrant display.

Advanced screen functionalities

When connected to the S-Box, users are able to control and view features of the LED display at all times. With Samsung’s LED Signage Manager, users have the ability to power on or off the display, change the input source, adjust the brightness and contrast of images and change the picture mode and the dynamic peak settings.

  • Power
  • Input source
  • Brightness
  • Contrast ratio
  • Sharpness
  • Dynamic

Create brilliant images continuously

With Samsung’s LED Signage Manager Solution, users are able to calibrate a LED screen’s color to each of the modules. This allows users to modify the color of the modules within a cabinet with an editing value of 3x3 RGB matrix, allowing for brilliant images and content that is true-to-life with exceptional projection.

Edge correction for seamless content delivery

On any LED screen, there are seams between each of the modules. Samsung’s LED Signage Manager Solution helps users deliver seamless content by adjusting the pixel brightness of the module on the border. Through edge correction, users can create a flawless LED display with remarkable graphics and content.