Change the way to manage your digital signage.

Samsung VXT CMS is a cloud based solution for Digital Signage that brings together flexible and efficient operation, faster setup and system recovery, and highly intuitive content creation and management capabilities to help businesses unlock the powerful potential of business displays.

Choose the cloud and unlock your business potential

Power your business to move forward faster

The cloud native structure of Samsung VXT CMS enables businesses to deploy and update software directly from the cloud portal without the need to install or update each software individually, while initial setup is also faster so businesses can stay agile and flexible to suit their specific needs.

Try before purchase, without hassle

VXT CMS has dramatically improved the trial process for prospective buyers by reducing the time typically required. Unlike many on-premise solutions, VXT CMS now allows buyers to try the solution before purchase by requesting a free trial on the Cloud portal provided by Samsung which takes just 10 minutes.

Save fixed server costs

VXT CMS is a much more cost-effective solution when compared to on-premise solutions. Users only pay for the license based on the amount that is specified in their payment plan, while server management and maintenance is handled by the cloud service provider, saving physical space, time and money..

* When compared to the on-prem solution of Samsung.

Minimizing failures, faster recovery time

Samsung VXT CMS breaks applications down into small block structures that are much more granular than other cloud native solutions. In the case of an error, the shutdown range is therefore much more focused, minimizing failures and maximizing rapid recovery for greater peace of mind.

* When compared to the on-prem solution of Samsung.

Making content management easier and simpler

VXT Canvas enables anyone to create content effortlessly and more intuitively. Users can create original content with custom and company fonts, as well as templates and images pre-loaded on the system.

* The UX images may differ slightly from the actual UX.

Bringing world-class galleries to customer

VXT Art offers access to a range of incredible art content by renowned artists, creating the look and feel of a luxurious art gallery. Art content from major art museums and galleries around the world will also be available at an additional cost*, transforming any display into a famous masterpiece.

* VXT Art must be purchased separately.

Business operations made smarter

Remote control in real-time, every time

VXT CMS makes remote management and security more intuitive. Lock options are available for items such as USB devices, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi, networks and remote controllers, while display settings changes are made in real-time, plus simultaneous multiple device management capabilities.

Customizable management with tagging

Samsung VXT CMS introduces a more flexible and efficient tag structure than the tree-like folder structure typically used by businesses, enabling easy searching of all data related to a specific tag. The tag system is significantly more convenient to use, enhancing any business operations.

Discover how Samsung VXT CMS can add value to your business


Bring in-store shopping to life with dynamic, digital content

By creating content tailored to your specific promotion purposes, you can create brand awareness and drive increased sales. Third-party ads displayed in waiting areas and on elevator screens can also generate additional revenue. Plus, all that content can be managed seamlessly across a variety of locations and devices from anywhere around the globe.

Food & Beverage

Engage customers and sell more with vivid and vibrant menus

Using preconfigured templates in VXT Canvas, menuboards and promotion content can be quickly created to ensure customers receive the latest information. This content can be further enhanced with enchanting art content available in VXT Art, while Sync Play ensures alignment of all promotional messages with connected, alternating content across a full signage network with multiple displays.


Transform corporate communication with real-time data

Quickly and easily check meeting room occupation status using the Meeting Room Widget installed on digital displays, ensuring better efficiency. Important notifications and messages can be instantly deployed across a network of displays, as well as convenient control of settings and security using Device Management which enables strengthened and more seamless employee communication.

Offerings information

Service Offering Trial Standard Pro VXT Art
Content Management
Multi workspace
3rd party AD
Add-on service availability


  • What is the sign-in process for Samsung VXT CMS?

    Samsung VXT CMS Account has Samsung Account based system, and therefore you would need your own Samsung Account to use the CMS service. If you do not have your Samsung Account yet, create your own Samsung Account at, and use the account information to sign-in to the VXT CMS service.
  • VXT CMS enables you to create and upload contents that will be scheduled on your signage. VXT CMS also allows you to remotely manage signage including monitoring, controlling settings and applying security measures.
  • VXT Player is an App that allows contents from CMS Server to be played on signage. You can download the App on signage at Apps menu without any additional charges.
  • VXT Art provides art contents that will enrich your content breadth and enhance signage experience. If you purchased VXT Art separately, you can find VXT Art at VXT Canvas and have hands on experience with art contents with content details.
  • Yes! Search VXT CMS on search engine right now to try out! VXT CMS provide you with up to 3 free trial licenses for 6 months. You can basically use entire contents management features to test if VXT CMS suits your business.

    * For VXT Art, you can view the artworks in VXT Canvas, but you cannot distribute them to your screen.

  • VXT CMS is being developed to support non-Samsung devices as well as Samsung products. The target is scheduled for the 4Q of 2023.
  • You don’t need to purchase physical screens to try out VXT CMS. With any device that supports chrome browser, you can swiftly explore entire Samsung VXT CMS journey.
  • Currently, Samsung signage with VXT Player in its Apps supports VXT CMS.
    VXT Player is installed on Samsung signage with Tizen 6.5 and above (Tizen 7.0 for Flip).
    Minimum firmware specification for Tizen 6.5 that supports VXT Player is version 1090.