MagicIWB Solutions

Efficient and Engaging Presentation Solution

Ready-to-use, All-in-One Interactive Whiteboard

Discover simplicity out of the box with the Samsung E-board display (DME-BR, DME-BM, DME-BC) comes with touchscreen and MagicIWB S2 for interactive content management. Save on total cost of ownership with embedded E-board software that saves on license cost and the need for an additional PC. Deploy in different usage environments with a versatile product range (available sizes: 65'' - 82'') and minimize setup time with the portability and flexibility of an all-in-one interactive whiteboard display solution.

  • Touch-based Interactive Writing Experience

    Foster engagement and interaction with dual-user input, pen and multi-touch functionality that encourage the audience to get involved. Collaborate with ease on responsive touch screen that’s smooth, comfortable and simple to use.

  • Where Connectivity Meets Versatility

    The demands of today's business and educational environments require more extensive file compatibility than ever before. With the Samsung E-board Display you can read and share content across an unrivaled range of compatible file formats. Access, share and revise content via aptop, tablet and smartphone, with connectivity support for a range of signal input sources, including HDMI, D-Sub, DisplayPort (DP), DVI and USB ports.

Elegant DesignNarrow bezel with modern black metal design

Treated GlassTempered safety glass with Anti-Glare and Moisture-Repellent Technology

Highly Responsive Touch ScreenDME-BR Hand Touch DME-BM Hybrid Touch

High ContrastDeeper black and brighter white display through 5,000:1 Ratio

  • Integrated touch functionality

  • Round Edge

  • Pen Tray and Dedicated penPre-installed, easy-to-use, advanced interactive whiteboard software

  • MAGIC IWB S2Pre-installed, easy-to-use, advanced interactive whiteboard software

recently updated software list
Inches 65” 65”, 75”, 82” 82”
Touch capability 10 Drawing Up to 10 Touch Pen Drawing & Palm Erase two point Drawing / 10 Touch Finger Drawing & Hand Erase Dual pen Drawing Up to 10 Touch Pen Drawing & Hand Erase
Touch response time 6~7ms 7~8ms 6~7ms
Connectivity Rear :USB 2.0 X 2
Front Tray Box :USB 2.0 X 2, Touch out(USB Upstrsam)
Rear :USB 2.0 X 1, Touch in X 1
Front Tray Box :USB 2.0 X 2, Touch out(USB Upstrsam)
Rear :USB 2.0 X 1, Touch in X 1
Front Tray Box :USB 2.0 X 2, Touch out(USB Upstrsam)

Powerful E-Eoard Software

The Samsung E-board offers seamless integration between industry-leading hardware and software. MagicIWB S2 and MagicIWB I2 software offerings to provide PC-less versatility to cater to the needs of enterprise, education, and business level customers.

MagicIWB S2 , Free Embedded E-board Touch Solution

An E-board software solution without the need for additional dedicated PCs or license purchases while providing great interactive white-Board functions and wide range of external content source compatibility.

  • Save space and cost with embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) media player for PC-less touch
  • Empower the audience to interact through draw-on-any-source (TV, HDMI, AV, DSUB) and picture-in-picture (PIP) functionality that visually enables content editing, saving and sharing
  • Make it easy with Floating Menu and Gesture control for an intuitive interface anyone can use without a manual
  • Share content stress-free with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PPT) compatibility
MagicIWB I2, Optional Advanced E-board Solution

The optional MagicIWB I2 solution transforms a traditional presentation into a dynamic educational experience with on-screen note-taking functionality, and video and image capture capability. Deliver an interactive, collaborative experience in meeting rooms and classrooms.

  • Facilitate an interactive learning and working environment with magic ink and handwriting recognition software that translates pen to page instantly
  • Ensure continuity in complex scheduling environments with advanced file management capability
  • Designed for collaboration in lectures and meetings with interactivity between white-board and audience devices