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SAMSUNG Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)

Introduction of SSSP (Samsung SMART Signage Platform)

A Robust Digital Signage Platform for CMS Partners
The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is a proprietary, open-source all-in-one solution that is embedded in Samsung SMART signage and doesn’t require any additional devices to communicate with the server and play digital media. First introduced in 2013, SSSP opened up a new frontier involving ‘No-PC’ content and device management environments of digital signage. Managing digital signage has never been easier or more empowering, thanks to this all-in-one SSSP platform that essentially replaces an external media player with a SoC-based app launcher.
Samsung SSSP
  • Quad Core :Process Speed 1GHz Quad Core
  • 1.5GB Dual
    48Bit DDR3 DRAM
  • Video Processor :Full Codec, High Performance WMV, MP4, H.264

  • Storage(FDM) :8GB

  • Wireless & LAN Connection

Unleash creative cloud content services through our customizable signage platform SSSP

SSSP is a robust platform that is designed to give partners the power and freedom to create software and apps on their Samsung displays, resulting in a simplified, integrated media playerCloud Content Service Providers can develop their own apps and host them on their web servers through use of SSSP. Samsung SMART Signage will be provided with a URL to access their server which can then allow the ability to download their app from its homepage upon booting. After the cloud service is set on SMART Signage, content is streamed and played directly from the cloud server to the screen over a wired or wireless network connection.

Next Generation SSSP Powered by TIZEN
In 2018, the SSSP will be upgraded to the 6th generation powered by Tizen. This new generation of SSSP 6.0 will leverage an evolved experience of multimedia and hardware management to our dedicated Content Management Service(CMS) partners through cloud technology. The new developer tools provided to SSSP partners will also facilitate the development and testing environments of partner solutions.

Key Features

  • Versatile Open Platform Through embracing the familiarity of HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, as well as features that include omni-channel, easy pdating, multi device, web-based interfaces to third party web services, partners are able to get the most versatility out of the platform.
  • Advanced SDK/API Functionality Samsung’s Software Developer Kit(SDK) enables users to allow for third-party developers to develop custom solutions to meet their objectives or create custom apps and content internally. The SSSP provides a set of JavaScript APIs which developers can utilize to gain more control of their SSSP-capable display. The types of controls include: volume, channel or input source, streaming video playback, and local caching of content.
  • Diverse and Broad Range of Product Line-up Whether you require a display solution to accommodate spatial needs that encompass small, indoor, semi-outdoor or video walls, Samsung possesses upwards of 30 products to handle a variety of needs, making it the strongest and widest line-up available on the market.
  • Integrated All-in-one Solution A fully integrated and comprehensive platform at your fingertips that has been crafted to deploy ease-of-use through having a built-in media player, Wi-Fi module, and powerful quad-core embedded SoC. This all-in-one solution SSSP helps to negate the need to purchase additional external hardware and it allows for greater efficiency and realization of savings, leading to an overall lowered TCO.



  • SSSP6 Image play video
    Video Presentation Samsung SMART Signage platform 6 (SSSP 6)

    Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) has been developed for the use of Samsung's software partners. The recently upgraded SSSP 6, with new features and higher performance, is a robust platform designed to give partners the power and freedom to create software and apps for SMART Signage. Check out this video to learn more about the basic and extended features as well as benefits to partners that SSSP 6 can provide.

    92 2018.07.27
  • Samsung SMART Signage Platform play video
    Video Presentation Samsung SMART Signage platform

    Introducing revolutionary Samsung Smart Signage Platform to SOHO/SMB end-customer may install digital signage & maintain both content and device easily with low cost.

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