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Samsung’s industry-leading display and management solution portfolio commands customer attention and enhances efficiency.

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  • QSR
  • QSR
  • C-Store
  • C-Store
    Checkout & Deli
  • Gas Station
  • QSR
  • QSR
    Drive Thru
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  • Café

Case study

How Samsung works

Major North American restaurant chain

Global fast-food leader

Famous casual dining chain

C+Urban(South Korean cafe chain)

Major global tobacco group

Worldwide convenience store leader


Featured Insights

Seamless, safe digital solution

QSR trends and Acrelec partnership

All-in-one kiosk

Captivate customers in any restaurant environment

Improving satisfaction and efficiency with crisp and
clear digital displays

Elevated experiences delivered through vibrant visuals and enhanced efficiency

Visual displays at the heart of the studio Visual displays at the heart of the studio

Make crisp, clear and convenient experiences to remember.
To deliver enticing visuals, more convenience, and great service, Samsung dual sided window displays offer for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Attract attention by highlight menu options with eye-catching motioned visuals over static posters at all hours.

Transform the studio as imagined

Grow order volume with dynamic displays and timely offers.
Scheduling of menus can be controlled remotely either from individual stores, or network wide. By cutting out manual menu changes, labor costs are reduced, while Kiosks also promote underperforming items to encourage increased purchasing.

Enhance your creative work efficiently

Boost efficiency front of house and behind the scenes
For 24/7 operations that perform day and night, a self-cooling system handles temperatures from -22 F to 122 F, and tempered Magic Glass protects against vandalism during closed hours. MagicINFO allows for content management from virtually anywhere.
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