Digital transformation, at work

Samsung’s portfolio of digital displays and solutions offer businesses a way to completely transform and become more efficient, from the lobby through to the offices.

  • DOOH
  • Entrance
  • EV charging
  • Lobby
  • Auditorium
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Entrance
  • Office
  • VIP Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Entrance
  • Dining Area
  • Coffee Shop
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How Samsung works

Make a powerful first impression with The Wall

Improve meeting efficiency with clear, accurate displays

Present inspiring content in premium picture quality

Improve meeting efficiency with clear, accurate displays

Satisfy employee and customer needs with high-resolution


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Meeting room solution

Boardroom solution

Workspace using VDI solution

Executive office & security

Meeting room solution

Digital transformation, at work

A way to completely transform and become more efficient,
from the lobby through to the offices

Elevated experiences delivered through vibrant visuals and enhanced efficiency

Elevate brand with perfect visuals, Empower work productivity, Manage workspaces effectively Elevate brand with perfect visuals

Make an impression with vivid visuals
Industry-leading picture quality based on the latest Micro LED technology offers clear and vivid visuals in any format, any size. Upon arrival, visitors can be immediately impressed by unsurpassable visibility even outdoors, elevating your brand image for a lasting first impression

Empower work productivity

Boost productivity and overall business performance
Seamless multitasking and collaboration are key for productivity. Interactive whiteboards are well suited for effective meetings and screen sharing. Plus, ultra-wide, high resolution monitors make multi-tasking less complicated, while video conferencing solutions enhance productivity.

Manage workspaces effectively

Optimize meetings and put staff in control
Experience solutions optimized for corporate. This comprehensive, all-in-one management solution will make meeting environments more efficient, ensuring maximum productivity and reducing overall workloads through easy control that empowers employees.