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Yangjae EL Tower
Yangjae EL Tower
Yangjae EL Tower

Smart change of a elegant banquet hall

23 October 2017

Samsung SMART Signage ensures customized information for any space

Since its first service aiming hotel-level service, EL Tower has attempted valuable new things like connecting every floor in the building with escalators and bringing a pipe organ to the center dedicated to banquets for the first time in Korea. Once again, it has consolidated its presence as the banquet center with Samsung SMART Signage. El Tower has installed Samsung SMART Signages all over the banquet hall, including a buffet and underground restaurant, taking its elegant interior design and smart customer service to another level. Customers visiting El Tower are now able to enjoy more convenient, decent, and smart places through Samsung SMART Signage which provides customized information for each space.

Customer Needs

EL Tower
Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage


Delivering information in a smart approach and enhancing interior design at the same time

Delivering information in a smart way and enhancing the interior design at the same time

Many customers visit El Tower for various events and banquets, and one of the things they see in the lobby is “Samsung SMART Signage.” Through the large, high-definition screen of Samsung Smart Signage with improved visibility, customers can get information about each floor, halls as well as buffet menus. The Signage is built in the wall of the lobby for greater space utilization and a clean design. Since Samsung SMART Signages are installed around the elevators directly connected to the underground parking lot, customers visiting EL Tower can access information about the hall before taking the elevator, which has made it easier for customers to find what they need. El Tower has installed the various displays all over the halls to provide guidance service in a smarter way so that customers can easily find their way to the hall.

DIODIA, a traditional nouvelle cuisine buffet that EL Tower is proud of, is actively utilizing Samsung SMART Signage. El Tower considered the characteristics of the restaurant and decided to adopt a portable standing signage to provide information about not only the location, but also menus and promotions. Since the portable standing signage has wheels, it can be moved quickly and easily to any space. In addition, videos or pictures can be played by connecting a USB memory device thanks to the USB Plug & Play feature. It allows administrators to simply modify content if necessary, including when the menu changes due to a seasonal change. The built-in live TV tuner allows the display to be used as a live TV as well. “A special seasonal menu through Samsung SMART Signage stimulates my appetite and I feel like I lose track of time looking at it,” said a customer who visited DIODIA.

Technology Highlights

  • Superior picture quality that enforces visibility
  • Slim and environment-friendly design which allows efficient space utilization and elegant interior design
  • Freely movable and portable standing signage for anywhere closer to viewers
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Serving as a way to manage customized content

El Tower utilizes Samsung SMART Signage to provide information suited to each space, improving customer convenience. Especially, Samsung SMART Signage can be installed in a customized way to fit into any space, such as by building it in the wall, also standing signage can be moved anywhere wanted. All this shows that Samsung SMART Signage harmonizes well with any space design. Furthermore, the automatic On/Off power feature makes it easier to manage the display. Samsung SMART Signage is more than a display for promotions; it serves as a way to manage customized content. We are very satisfied with it, as we are able to provide customers with useful and convenient services,” said an official form EL Tower.

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