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TGV Cinemas

Onyx Cinema LED brings next-generation experience to moviegoers at newly opened Malaysian theater

17 October 2019

Samsung provides the next generation in cinema

TGV Cinemas is one of the major cinema chains in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, striving to give each and every viewer a unique experience beyond just watching a movie. With a new theater opening at Central i-City, the latest lifestyle destination to grace Selangor’s heartland, TGV wanted to ensure they were offering the latest in cinema technology. Samsung’s heritage in display solutions made them the ideal partner, providing the next generation in cinema and aligning with TGV’s culture of excellence.

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Cinema LED technology to create a truly impactful experience.

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TGV wanted to ensure that moviegoers would have a memorable experience, one that they could not get anywhere else. As such, the cinema solution needed crystal clear picture quality, high brightness, visibility from any seat and optimum sound quality. Central i-City is a new, popular destination which aligns with TGV’s focus on quality, therefore the theater was equipped with the latest in Cinema LED technology to create a truly impactful experience.


Unparalleled picture quality and color accuracy

In partnership with TGV and Golden Duck, Samsung installed the Onyx Cinema LED measuring 14.08 meters wide by 7.2 meters high, combining 4K resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture quality and peak brightness level of 88fL (foot-lambert) — nearly six times greater than standard projector technologies – to provide perfect picture quality and create an immersive space for all moviegoers.

Samsung Onyx offers viewers the most detail-rich and vivid content, dramatic depth and picture detail possible through true black colors. This is supported by HDR content delivery, meaning the audience benefits from having a realistic picture without degradation of quality, whether watching in a highly illuminated room or one with no light at all.

tgv cinema

As the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives- (DCI) compliant HDR LED theatre display, the Onyx can achieve peak brightness levels of 146fL, enlivening content by showcasing greater detail and color vibrancy in cutting-edge 4K resolution.

The uniform, distraction-free design of the Onyx also allows viewers to experience visual details and intricacies that otherwise might be lost or hidden on standard theater and at-home screens, ensuring that they can stay engaged and enjoy the movie from start to finish regardless of what seat they are sitting in.

The Samsung Onyx screen means TGV did not have to choose between brightness and color quality, providing a fully-aligned picture which enables optimal balance by maintaining perfect color accuracy for a range of hues, even at peak or near-peak brightness.

The Onyx is also 3D-ready, providing the flexibility to display a wide variety of content types and ensuring that TGV is offering its customers the latest cinema technology. As 3D movies continue to rise in popularity, it’s important that moviegoers feel they can visit TGV regardless of what they want to watch, or what format.

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Integrated management capabilities

Samsung Onyx provides the latest in-cinema technology, while removing bulky projector equipment which can take up valuable seating space. By eliminating this requirement, TGV is able to invite larger audiences into their theater to experience the ultimate movie setup. A light-resistant design also means that cinema operators no longer have to worry about interference or disruptive distraction, ensuring they can stay focused on engaging the moviegoers at all times.

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When providing next-generation display technology, TGV needed the right sound system to accompany Samsung’s Onyx too. With sound provided by the world-class implementation of HARMAN Professional’s JBL Sculpted Surround technology, which is perfectly-tuned to fit LED screens, each viewer will hear every whisper, explosion and soundtrack in perfect clarity.

tgv cinema

Technology Highlights

  • True black colors for detail-rich and vivid content
  • HDR supported content for high brightness even in ambient light
  • Perfect color accuracy for a range of hues even at peak or near-peak brightness
  • Content uniformity for visual details and intricacies that otherwise might be lost or hidden on standard theater and at-home screens

What you have in Samsung Onyx is not just a basic movie-going experience, it is a more well defined, wholesome, new movie-going experience that you don’t get in a normal hall with the crystal bright clear pictures that and the Harman surround sound, which is an experience on its own.

Mohd. Kabir A. Sultan
General Manager –Operations & Marketing, TGV
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Samsung Onyx provides a ultimate movie experience to moviegoers

TGV’s ambition was to provide all visitors to the new Central i-City location with the ultimate movie experience. Samsung’s next-generation, Onyx Cinema LED allowed TGV to do just that, creating a memorable experience that would keep moviegoers coming again and again.

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