Steps2 Success Preschool

Steps2Success Preschool

Why early childhood educators love teaching with Samsung Flip

09 May 2019

Samsung Flip effectively engages the next generation in a simple and effective setup and operation

Steps to Success operates early childhood learning facilities in the greater New York City area and these learning environments have seen the use of interactive whiteboards in the past. However, despite those screens being effective teaching tools, they have proven to be overpowering in their scale, hard to use and in regular need of maintenance. As a result, the organization adopted the interactive display technology of Samsung Flip. They initially used Samsung Flip in two classroom settings, which were instantly met with a lot of excitement by both teachers and children, notably for their quick setup, ability to withstand handling from kids, high interactivity and low maintenance. As a result, Steps to Success has scaled the use to include over 50 more Samsung Flip products in its different branches.

Customer Needs

Technology in classrooms for those in early childhood

Steps2 Success Preschool
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Samsung Flip

The early childhood educators needed technology that is rugged enough to withstand a lot of touching and grabbing by youngsters, while being headache-free for teachers to set up and maintain. And all this plus ensuring that interactivity of education content is maximized for student engagement. Steps to Success has deployed different technological strategies in the past to help overcome these challenges but all came up short. Until they were introduced to the simplified versatility of Samsung Flip, which has since brought about a transformative change in the classroom and in the eyes of the little ones working with them.


Captures all of a teacher’s doodles without anyone flipping or tearing off sheet

Samsung Flip is an effective smart digital display that allows for teachers to draw pictures, make lists and visually count on a centralized surface. It captures all of a teacher’s doodles without anyone needing to flip or tear off sheets, which can easily lead to a younger child’s attention being distracted from a lesson. Simply put, Samsung Flip makes things so much easier for teachers due to its portability and ability to be set up an operated in different situations like flipchart or landscape formats, ability to turn on once its smart sensor detects a nearby user and the advantage of teachers instantly sharing content across all devices. Teachers' minds are further to put to ease knowing that kids can work uninterrupted and not having to worry about calibration of pens or related setup dilemmas that pop up at times with other whiteboard technology.


Technology Highlights

  • Portable: The 55-in., 4K-capable Samsung Flip comes with a stand and wheels, making it easy to maneuver anywhere in a school
  • Flexible: Samsung Flip’s display works in traditional flipchart orientation or landscape mode
  • Shareable: Samsung Flip can easily shared straight from the main device, using built-in email, and then distributed over the network or saved to USB
  • Nimble: Videos or docs from smartphones or tablets can easily be “pushed” wirelessly to Flip screens

We’ve used smart whiteboards, but they weren’t as interactive as Samsung Flip, and they weren’t as easy to use. We were having a lot of difficulty with things like calibrating pens to the board, and with having them work consistently. These boards, by comparison, work very consistently.

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Engaging Bright Young Minds

Steps to Success drew instant praise and excitement from teachers and students for its versatility and interactivity, and chose to scale its use to over 50 Samsung Flip displays throughout its branches. In addition, the organization opted to augment its results even further by purchasing more than 40 Samsung tablets that can pair with Samsung Flip technology. Steps to Success is a shining example of how education environments can meet and exceed the challenges that both kids and teachers face on a daily basis in their classrooms.


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