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12 October 2017

Samsung SMART Signage ensures a stronger visual impact and compelling information

The competition in the food service industry is fiercer than ever. As more and more customers begin to consider unique menu items or distinctive interior design when deciding on which store to visit, it is becoming essential for brands to create their own interior design. Given this fierce competition, an increasing number of stores decide to install sophisticated commercial displays to secure brand competitiveness. Many stores are satisfied with the commercial display since it delivers a stronger visual effect, and makes it easier to provide information about menu items compared to papers or normal monitors. SNOWFOX, which installed Samsung SMART Signage in its stores, is a prime example of this trend.

Customer Needs

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage(UDE-B)


Inducing a flashy and vibrant store atmosphere.

Meet Global Franchise Brand ‘SNOWFOX’ in Korea

SNOWFOX is particularly well received by consumers who pursue well-being because of its principle that the chefs cook with fresh food materials that come to the store on the very day. In fact, SNOWFOX stores sell more than 50 menu items including sushi, rolls, salad, and health drinks made of different food materials. SNOWFOX is receiving a lot of attention not only for its management philosophy, but also for its modern and sophisticated interior design using white and purple that reflect the preferences of young women. But In fact, SNOWFOX did not adopt Samsung SMART Signage from the beginning. Previously, it installed a monitor as a simple electronic display that could provide a visual slideshow. Hyunjoo Baek, Regional director of SNOWFOX Korea, said, “We installed Samsung SMART Signage in the SNOWFOX Seoul Nat’l Univ. branch by chance, but found that more and more people on the street began to look at the store. The immediate positive response led us to install Samsung SMART Signage in every store.” She also explained that the product is quite satisfying when considering the costs. The Samsung SMART Signages in the stores are being used to provide information about the menu items and promotions. “The store looks glittering and alive,” said the regional director explaining the changes Samsung SMART Signage has brought.

Visual Pleasure through the Clearer and Vivid Screen

Samsumg SMART Signage uses the calibration technology to minimize the color contrast. The calibration technology is technology unique to Samsung that helps minimize the color contrast between products in the process of color calibration in the factory before shipping. If you install a video wall composed of multiple products, the features for color uniformity, white balance and gamma calibration will help reduce the color contrast when showing high quality videos. The SNOWFOX stores are very satisfied with the vivid display of Samsung SMART Signage. The SNOWFOX Yeoksam branch is located in the basement where there are a lot of restaurants, and there is a pillar at the center of the store, making it difficult to decorate. However, SNOWFOX found the solution in Samsung SMART Signage. It installed 3 Signages in the portrait position on the pillar to continuously show clear pictures, giving vitality to the entire store. This has made the store visually appealing to those passing by. In addition, the Baengbaeng Sageori and Seoul Nat’l Univ. branches setup the time range to get the Signages turned on at night, increasing the presence in the areas as the most attractive and glittering store.

Technology Highlights

  • Calibration technology minimizes color deviation
  • 3.5mm super-slim bezel optimized for large contents
  • Various transition effect for dynamic contents
  • Automatic rotation feature that supports easy contents management
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Customer attention is attracted like a magnet

The 3.5mm slim bezels of Samsumg SMART Signage installed in the SNOWFOX stores help realize a pleasingly simple and clutter-free interior design. Plus, the super-slim bezels help realize a seamless large display to deliver vivid content, which effectively draws attention from customers. Samsung SMART Signage has improved the management experience. The image rotation feature automatically rotates images whether it is vertical or horizontal, allowing the customer to play video wall content in various shapes without having to first create separate content.

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