SKINFOOD Gangnam-daero Branch

Perfecting a pleasant customer experience with smart signage

17 October 2017

Samsung SMART Signage deploys dynamic video content in a sophisticated approach

Gangnam-daero is Seoul’s main street and a leading space for the latest retail trends with its bulging floating population. With the Korean Wave growing more popular worldwide, more and more international foreign tourists are visiting Gangnam-daero, and the street is emerging as a hot spot in which various beauty brands are fiercely competing. The Gangnam-daero branch, the flagship store of SKINFOOD, is receiving a great deal of attention for its eye-catching interior design, differentiated customer service, and unique concept that combines beauty and with lifestyle, “Samsung SMART Signage” in the store helps make the SKINFOOD Gangnam-daero branch a space that gives a pleasant customer experience by delivering various video content in a sophisticated and stylish way.

Customer Needs

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage(UDE-B)


More compelling for attracting customers inside or outside the store

The eye-catching display helps induce customers to enter the store

The SKINFOOD Gangnam-daero branch installed “Samsung SMART Signage” in the showcases around the entrance, where customers can easily see, to provide information about promotions, inducing customers to enter the store. In fact, it is not difficult to find customers standing in front of the two “Samsung SMART Signages” to see information about promotional events. With “Samsung SMART Signage,” you don’t need to print out posters or handwrite notices to paste them on the walls. Plus, the Signage makes it easier to modify information about discount items, rates and descriptions on the screen whenever there is a new promotional event. An image rotation feature that automatically rotates content according to the orientation of the image allows you to play clear images, even in portrait mode. “Samsung SMART Signage helps us to increase sales because it catches the eyes of the people waiting for the bus at the bus stop, attracting customers to enter the store,” said the store manager.

High-definition display to deliver the feeling of natural colors + super slim bezel to maximize the level of immersion

A total of 5 “Samsung SMART Signages” in the store plays sensuous video content of the SKINFOOD brand, giving vitality to the store. “Samsung SMART Signage” applies the calibration technology to minimize the color deviation, giving the vivid images of SKINFOOD products. In particular, it delivers a lively space with the feeling of a natural texture and colors of food materials like fruits and honey. Plus, the bezels of “Samsung SMART Signage” that is 36% thinner than the previous model help better engage customers though the seamless large screen. Lively advertisement images of new products and video content with brand stories provide visual pleasure to customers visiting the store.

Everyone enjoys Samsung SMART Signage

Foreigners who visit the store are showing a good response to “Samsung SMART Signage.” In many cases, foreign visitors do not need explanations about products in their mother language because they happen to intuitively understand how good products are by watching images on the screen. “In particular, foreign customers tend to show more interest to products that entertainers introduce on the Samsung SMART Signage. I feel that showing customers television CF in the store has improved the brand credibility,” said the store manager

Technology Highlights

  • Calibration technology minimizes color deviation
  • 3.5mm super-slim bezel optimized for large contents
  • Various transition effect for dynamic contents
  • Automatic rotation feature that supports easy contents management
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Lighting up Gangnam Boulevard round-the-clock

The SKINFOOD Gangnam-daero branch is very important since Gangnam is a major business district. It is an antenna shop that sums up the brand’s identity in a symbolic way. It provides new products or promotional events and has had a great market response. This is why the role of “Samsung SMART Signage” in the SKINFOOD Gangnam-daero branch becomes all the more special. “Samsung SMART Signage,” which boasts strong durability to display content for 24 hours a day, makes the SKINFOOD Gangnam-daero branch stand out as a prominent beauty store, even after it is closed. “The adoption of “Samsung SMART Signage” with Samsung’s great technologies has helped perfect the flagship store that gives a great impression to customers. I hope that the SKINFOOD Gangnam-daero branch would become the leading beauty landmark in Korea,” said Yeonhui Yu, the store manager.

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