SK Telecom -  Samsung smart signage success story
SK Telecom -  Samsung smart signage success story

SK Telecom

Samsung Smart Signage powers digital transformation for retail stores across South Korea

09 April 2020

Upgrading 1,400 locations with Samsung’s innovative solutions

As South Korea’s premier information and communication technology company, SK Telecom seeks to provide its customers with world-class technology services and an outstanding experience with every interaction. To provide a modern customer-oriented experience, the company partnered with Samsung to update its 1,400 retail stores located across South Korea. As the industry leader in digital signage technology with a wide range of hardware and software solutions designed to create for impactful customer displays, and proven results in the retail industry, Samsung was the ideal partner for SK Telecom’s digital transformation.

Customer Needs

Efficiently meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding audience

SK Telecom
Samsung Product
Window Display, Standalone Signage, MagicINFO solution

As the wireless industry has pressed forward toward the commercialization of 5G networks, many expect a rapid change in the development of new technologies and customer experiences. Never has it been more important to have a retail experience that is in line with customer expectations of what is to come. With thousands of stores located across South Korea, SK Telecom needed a partner that not only understood the retail landscape, but also had the expertise and experience to deliver an effective solution with the latest technology to meet the needs and expectations of a telecommunications industry that is constantly changing. The solution needed to engage customers with effective messaging, while also delivering efficiencies to avoid taking valuable time away from store employees.


Making messaging memorable with eye-catching displays

Grab customers’ attention – inside and out

Samsung installed its powerful OMN-D window displays which are capable of ultra-high brightness, up to 3,000 nits, for full visibility even in direct sunlight. The displays feature two screens that can show information inside and outside the store window simultaneously to help capture attention at high-traffic locations. The displays feature a slim, space-efficient design, are dust-resistant and built to last – even in high-temperature environments.

Making messaging memorable with eye-catching displays

Give your store a modern makeover

Samsung’s QMR series displays are a modern upgrade to printed materials providing an elevated aesthetic and saving time and money. Featuring Dynamic Crystal Display, QMR 55” displays deliver a wider spectrum of colors, ensuring every image stays on-brand and enhances on-screen text to so every message is clearly visible. QMR displays also feature a Crystal 4K Processor and upscaling technology to deliver UHD level picture quality even with lower resolution source content.

Give your store a modern makeover

Create a memorable brand experience

SK Telecom is also utilizing Samsung’s QMN 85” displays in-store to showcase impactful branded video content. QMN displays feature eye-catching UHD resolution and a large screen to ensure videos are highly-polished and deliver a meaningful brand experience for current and potential customers.

Give your store a modern makeover

Let our solution to do the work

Delivering promotions at the right time and place is key to SK Telecom’s success. MagicINFO enables seamless display and content management remotely. This means the company can publish promotions across stores nationwide at the push of a button. MagicINFO helped to create a streamlined and efficient process for distributing and updating the latest promotions while also ensuring consistency for each store with Samsung SMART Signage.


Total solution offerings including displays and solution per store.

  • OMN-D 55”: Window display, 1 unit
  • QMR 55”: Promotion display, 2-3 units per store
  • QMN 85”: Branding promotion display, 1 unit per store
  • MagicINFO : Display & contents management solution license, 1 copy

We are in a location with a lot of foot traffic, so we need a way to provide information efficiently and effectively. Our new signage is like having another employee representing our store. People who pass by often stop to watch a video or inquire about the details they see on the displays. Our partnership with Samsung will allow us to effectively focus our customer’s attention and show our leadership in the industry by creating an outstanding customer experience.

Jang Myung-jung
manager of the SK Telecom store
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Revolutionizing stores - for staff and customers

With roughly 6,000 displays to be installed across 1,400 retail locations in just four years, Samsung displays are an integral part of each store. SK Telecom is now equipped with an efficient customer communication network delivering crystal-clear content any time, day or night, all managed by a powerful remote hardware and software management solution. This also allows individual store employees to keep their focus on their customers. Samsung technology gave SK Telecom the tools it needs to create a first-class experience for its customers, and will continue to provide SK Telecom ongoing support to ensure the displays in each store continue to operate efficiently.

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