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11 May 2018

Samsung LED Signage builds an optimized environment for diverse business needs

Shinhan Bank was established under the name of Hanseong Bank in February 1897. It established itself as Korea’s leading bank by providing innovative and leading financial services under the mission “A Better World through the Power of Finance.” It recently introduced Shinhan SOL, an application that combines six finance-related applications including “Shinhan S Bank” and “SunnyBank,” realizing a customer-centered service in the era of smart finance. Shinhan Bank has led the industry in on-line and off-line fi nancial services by providing innovative financial products and services that respond to changing consumer needs. It recently renovated the auditorium of its main office. For this, it installed Samsung Electronics’ indoor LED Signages and video wall Signages in the auditorium, building an optimized environment for various events and business reports.

Customer Needs

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage(UHF-E), Samsung Smart LED Signage(IF-D, IF-H)


Ensuring vivid and accurate content regardless of lighting

The giant display optimized for the auditorium enlivens content

When renovating the auditorium, Shinhan Bank built a giant display with Samsung SMART LED Signage on the main stage. The high-definition vivid display delivers greater visibility than the previous projector. The giant 12.5m x 3.8m LED Signage allows people sitting in the back of the 300-seat auditorium to enjoy content in vivid image quality. The visibility of the giant Samsung SMART LED Signage is hardly affected by bright lights or a speaker standing at the center of the stage, better engaging customers. Samsung’s leading-edge HDR picture technology helps deliver vivid content when playing videos or presentation slides. The high brightness of 1,200nit and anti-glare technology help people stay focused on content for a long time. Plus, the display minimizes the distortion to realize accurate colors even in dark environments, delivering vivid content regardless of lights. The product life is long because it is hardly affected by foreign substances like dust.※ Nit: the brightness of the light of a candle per 1㎡.

Crystal clear images of video wall signage unaffected by external conditions

Shinhan Bank installed sixteen video wall Signages (eight for each side) to maximize space utilization. The super slim 1.7mm bezels of Samsung SMART Signage Video Wall make the lines between screens almost invisible, minimizing visual interruptions and realizing a giant display. Plus, it delivers vivid images of content by minimizing the glare even under the brightest light. The video walls on both sides of the auditorium feature various content, including information about events and the corporate logo, which means that you can easily modify content whenever there is an event without the need to make a banner. In addition, the video walls can show the current situation of an ongoing lecture or event, making it easier to manage content. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about reduced picture quality or distortion when using the video walls for sustained periods or under poor conditions such as high temperature or bad weather.

Technology Highlights

  • High brightness of 1,200nit and anti-glare technology that help people stay focused on content for a long time
  • Display which minimizes the distortion to realize accurate colors even in dark environments, delivering vivid content regardless of lights.
  • Long product life hardly affected by foreign substances like dust
  • Ultra slim bezel of 1.7mm that enables to configure big one display (Video wall)
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Ensuring a reliable partnership with Shinhan Bank

The auditorium of Shinhan Bank, which was renovated using Samsung Electronics’ displays, has been well received as a venue for various events including presentations and seminars. “Samsung SMART LED Signage and Video Wall Signage distinguish themselves from the previously used projector in terms of their picture quality and visibility. All employees are satisfied with the Signages thanks to the Signages’ continual update of content on various events and seminars,” said an official from Shinhan Bank.

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