Plaza del Callao

Plaza del Callao

Massive digital display brightens one of Europe’s busiest intersections

13 February 2019

Samsung LED Signage transforms how information is delivered to customers

Integrated seamlessly with the Plaza del Callao, Samsung Electronics and Super 8 completed an enormous outdoor digital display in the busiest shopping and entertainment venue in Madrid. Using the outdoor digital signage allows for business to highlight its products and services, transforming how information is delivered to customers. The introduction of these large digital displays is an example of how the industry is modernizing itself and reinventing customer engagement.

Customer Needs

Engaged audiences and revitalized environment through use of captivating lighting

Plaza del Callao
Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart LED Signage

Super 8 identified an opportunity to transform the Plaza del Callao, creating an interactive destination similar to Times Square in New York or London’s Piccadilly Circus. In June of 2017, Super 8, founders of City Lights, collaborated with Samsung to finalize the first commercial installation of an outdoor digital display in Madrid’s Plaza del Callao. This area houses the plaza’s tallest buildings and is located in the center of the shopping and entertaining district. The location, chosen with purpose, draws the attention to over 51,000 cars and 113 people each year, presenting content and advertising in a state-of-the-art manner. The innovative displays engaged audiences and revitalized the area with all of the bright lights and phenomenal graphics.


Impacting content through use of a brilliant digital LED display and innovative technologies

Exceptional introduction of outdoor digital signage

Installing Samsung’s digital outdoor signage in the heart of Madrid was a strategic decision; ensuring one of Europe’s busiest intersections that transformed the city. The vertical display introduced was installed high above the plaza’s busy streets, captivating locals and audiences from around the world. The mounted display, featured on one of the largest buildings in the area, created a spectacular option for companies to deliver marketing and advertising information to large audiences.

The powerful outdoor digital display

Samsung’s 6 mm pixel-pitch outdoor LED display installed at the plaza measured 37 m high by 6m wide and had a 960 x 5760 resolution. At that time, this was Samsung’s highest-quality digital display with the industry’s highest quality diodes, producing deeper contrast and a significantly wider viewing angle than the firm’s previous generation of super-sized displays. With the high-resolution Surface Mount Diode (SMD) board and cabinet design, the display has an extended lifespan and delivers information continually for up to 11 years. The outdoor display also includes a built-in temperature control system and management technologies that are energy-efficient and lowers operational costs.

Collaborating with Samsung was an easy decision

As Super 8 looked to partner with a company that manufactures digital displays, they turned to Samsung given its proven record and market leadership. From beginning to the end of the project, Samsung was able to easily deliver powerful content with its brilliant digital LED display and innovative technologies.

Brant and immersive life-life experience

Presenting advertising messages in Madrid’s Plaza del Callao before the digital signage launched included static banner and communication was one-way. With the new display incorporated at the plaza, it created an interactive forum for businesses to present product information to audiences, engaging them at a different level than before. With true-to-life images and graphics, awe-inspiring videos and vibrant colors day and night, Plaza del Callao is a remarkable and immersive viewing experience.

Technology Highlights

  • Dynamic images and graphics that are true-to-life
  • Two-step calibration ensures consistent color quality
  • Two-way monitoring system to detect LED issues with quick resolution
  • 24/7 continuous performance, regardless of the environment
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The heart of the shopping district with outstanding digital signage

Samsung and Super 8 updated an already beautiful plaza and turned it in to a one-of-a-kind location with impressive digital signage seen by millions of people that live or are visiting Madrid. Plaza del Callao is the heart of the shopping district and is truly modernized with these large, remarkable displays. The LED digital displays from Samsung created an innovative and interactive plaza that made history in the city.

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