National Stadium, KL Sports City

Revitalizing the largest football stadium in South East Asia with LED signage of unmatched quality

21 August 2018

Becoming the renovation partner of digital displays throughout the stadium

Built in 1998, the original National Stadium, KL Sports City had not been renovated or updated since that time. Not maintained properly, the stadium was still using antiquated technology and scoreboards to present sporting and musical event information. Before the 2017 Southeast Asian Games, after much research, the governmental organizations who manage the facilities began to seek Samsung as its preferred vendor to collaborate with for the renovation, incorporating digital displays throughout the stadium.

Customer Needs

Digital revitalization through cultivating local interest in sporting and entertainment events

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart LED Signage

The National Stadium, KL Sports City needed to find a sustainable vendor to partner with during the massive renovations that needed to take place. As the stadium was originally built for celebrations and sporting events, it had minimal technology features and was not a host for large events. The need for the renovation became even more apparent when Malaysia was chosen to host the 2017 Southeast Asian Games. PSM(Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia), the governmental organization who manages the stadium is expecting this revitalization will increase the community’s interest in sporting and entertaining events moving forward.


True-to-life colors and dynamic and detailed imagery

LED Signage that created new and exciting experiences

Hosting events in the past at the National Stadium, KL Sports City for large crowds were cumbersome, as the hosts would have to rent LED screens and hire outside labor to install the displays to create a better experience for audience members seated farther away from the live event. Throughout the restoration of the stadium, management realized the large digital displays engage audiences as well as enticing businesses to marketing its services. This also led to the stadium seizing an opportunity to create a new stream of revenue, as the large digital displays can advertise products and services offered throughout the facilities.

Modernized National Stadium, KL Sports City with the help of Samsung’s innovation

Modernized National Stadium, KL Sports City with the help of Samsung’s innovation PSM spoke to many different vendors before determining that Samsung was the partner for them. They were very particular in who they chose because this partnership was not only part of the renovation, but also part of the business model for the stadium. They wanted to create the stadium and KL Sports City which is an all-encompassing sports complex development project that included a sport facility, accommodation, a museum and a shopping mall. With Samsung’s strong brand name and phenomenal industry reputation, they were chosen to move forward with the project.

The collaboration between PSM and Samsung

Installed in the renovated stadiums in Bukit Jalil, the four new Samsung SMART LED panels were chosen. Seeing as Samsung was the only vendor working with the stadium, the two businesses were able to collaborative closely during the installation and calibration of the different screens. The PSM was also impressed with Samsung’s after sales service, helping to fine-tune the displays in a timely and efficient manner.

Differentiating Samsung from the competitors

During the investigation process of choosing LEDs, the team realized that other LED screens did not match Samsung’s LED screen color with true-to-life colors and dynamic detail in images being presented. With superior color and brightness uniformity without reddish in white coloring, the owners of the stadium were impressed. After the first two LED displays were installed in the National Stadium, the VIP members of the Government of Malaysia and they were impressed with the vivid colors and robust picture quality from the Samsung digital displays.

Technology Highlights

  • Visibility for all spectators to enjoy the events taking place no matter where they’re seated
  • Vivid, accurate and flicker free images creating a smooth viewing experience
  • UHD picture quality that ensures precise and clear images and content
  • Displays that are light-weight, low maintenance and energy-efficient

We are actually looking for a long-term partnership and Samsung can provide those kind of services. They are not just here to provide the scoreboards but they’re willing to become our partners.

Azman Fahmi Osman
CEO, Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia
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Audiences are immersed in an unmatched viewing experience

The National Stadium, KL Sports City not only met but also exceeded its expectations when renovating this complex by adding Samsung as a partner for all of its digital display needs. Adding these screens to the stadium is changing the game of how it will operate moving forward. With a modern-day look and feel, audiences experience an unmatched viewing experience, regardless of their seat’s location. This renovation also opens up additional revenue generating opportunities for the stadium, as they are looking to accommodate sporting events and concerts for large crowds.

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