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11 Jun 2018

Samsung Flip takes a leading role in MSL group's brand transformation

Recently, the MSL Group decided to incorporate the Samsung Flip into its conference rooms to create a more collaborative working environment in its Atlanta office. As soon as the Flip was unveiled, teams began to use it for brainstorming sessions, meetings with clients and internal planning meetings. The associates at MSL have found the Flip to be the optimal display to use when conducting meetings. With its intuitive design and technology, MSL members are now able to begin meetings on time, share meeting notes and stay actively engaged in their meetings at all times.

Customer Needs

Display technology unlocking greater potential for time management

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Meetings have become more important than ever, especially in a creative agency setting where some of the best ideas come from the collaboration between team members. MSL also needed to find a solution for its meeting spaces for its employees to work with its global clients seamlessly, in real-time. The agency wanted to combine state-of-the-art technology with its modern space, creating an ultra-modern atmosphere. After researching many different digital displays, MSL decided to order Samsung’s Flip for its conference rooms, allowing associates to conduct productive meetings that enhanced teamwork and functionality.


Taking you to the next level of creative collaboration

Showcasing stunningly brilliant images

Not only were the MSL associates able to share information that increases productivity within the teams, but the content being presented was also dynamic and engaging with UHD picture quality. During the research process, MSL discovered the Flip’s images and graphics are nearly two times higher resolution than a conventional LED. By providing the associates with vibrant imagery, the teams were able to follow the conversation easily with little disruption. Bright, natural lighting in the MSL offices did not affect the Flip’s ability to project true-to-life graphics. With its dynamic peaking technology, the Flip overcomes any interference from natural and ambient lighting.

Optimized for to precisely suit end-users’ needs

MSL discovered that the Flip could adjust for any meeting space, large or small. The Flip can be fixed on a four-wheel base, attached to a flat base or mounted to a wall. Regardless of the horizontal or vertical orientation, MSL also found that the Flip was an intuitive display that could accommodate any space within the office. For larger meeting spaces, the Flip was able to project content to another large display that allowed for meeting attendees to view information from any location.

Leverage innovative technology to share and create content

From the beginning of a meeting to the end, MSL associates were amazed by Flip’s technological capabilities. As users approach the display, it automatically turned itself on with its built-in embedded sensors. MSL associates also turned the Flip on by removing the pen from its holder. Once activated, MSL associates were able to access content by importing information from a USB port, the network drive or via a personal cell phone or tablet. Not only that, associates were able to share multiple forms of content within the group. With the ability to design and edit content with up to four users at the same time, MSL’s associates wrote with ease with a natural pen-to-paper feel. Users were also able to customize the writing font, color and thickness for a customized working session. Projecting content in real time with minimal lag-time with its InGlass ™ technology was also an excellent feature the MSL associates appreciated. After the working session was concluded, associates saved content on the Flip using the Tizen 3.0 operating system.

Technology Highlights

  • Write on screen with the familiar feel of a traditional pen or pencil
  • Capture and share meeting notes at the same time for productive meetings
  • Navigate through multiple screens effortlessly
  • Save and protect data from access by external users

Professors and students of various departments are fascinated by this PBL classroom. This classroom is in high demand.

Nneoma Njoku
Vice President, Client Servicing MSL Group
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Ensuring an unforgettable display entertainment experience

Since incorporating the Samsung Flip into its daily business practices, the MSL Group in Atlanta has seen greater collaboration between the company as well as the individual teams. Clients of the MSL team have also noticed the high-tech meeting spaces and enjoyed coming to our office for meetings. By creating a one-of-a-kind meeting experience, the MSL associates have found the Flip to be an essential tool in their meetings and cannot imagine going back to the days of note taking, presentation printing and documenting questions regarding content that was discussed in the meeting. The Samsung Flip truly changed the way business is conducted at the MSL Group Atlanta.

Productivity with paperless meeting environment

Engaged team associates more as efforts to prepare agenda, presentations and even also taking notes in the meeting were reduced.

Ideation & Creativity

Provided associates with a friendlier atmosphere to ideation and creative brainstorming with tech-oriented equipment and interactions.

Communication & Collaboration

Encouraged communication and collaboration between the company as well as individual teams.

Increased customer satisfaction

Focused more on clients thanks to reduced administrative time as well as the clients enjoyed the renovated meeting spaces at MSL.

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