Microsoft Netherlands

Microsoft Netherlands

Indoor LED displays empower Microsoft to achieve more

22 March 2019

Samsung Smart LED Signage gives improved engagement and communication

As a future-looking company in a forward-thinking country, Microsoft Netherlands works to help empower people and companies to achieve more by constantly thinking about what’s next. As part of that, employees regularly attend trainings, seminars and company townhalls using high-quality screens to encourage engagement and communication. Collaborating with Samsung as its trusted partner allowed the company to identify the right solution to fit particular needs, providing best-in-class displays to ensure employees are getting the most out of every event while also giving Microsoft the most impressive indoor LED wall in the Netherlands.

Customer Needs

Ensuring engagement and a memorable experience

Microsoft Netherlands
Samsung Product
IF Series, QM65H, QM65N, DM65E

With company gatherings being a key part of the Microsoft culture — whether it be training sessions, seminars, town halls or hosting customers and partners — making an impact is critical to ensure engagement and a memorable experience. Microsoft Netherlands completely remodeled its building to create a more dynamic experience center for its employees, customers and partners, making every presentation as high-impact as possible.


Supreme color quality with dynamic peaking and low distortion

In partnership with Microsoft Netherlands and Heuvelman Sound & Vision, Samsung installed IF Series LED displays, providing realistically brilliant picture quality. The picture quality was of the utmost importance for Microsoft, given how regularly the company used the screens for video trainings, seminars and big, office-wide town hall meetings. In addition, as the screens are installed in public areas in the office, they needed to create a high impact and “wow factor” for all passers-by.

Samsung’s IF Series displays offer a perfect combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability, bringing together video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement to add crystal-clear clarity to any featured content. Leveraging LED HDR scene adaptation technology to showcase a detailed and realistic picture, the IF Series also implements dynamic peaking that empowers displays to reach peak brightness levels nearly two times higher than standard LED solutions.
Every single display in the IF series undergoes thorough factory calibration, fine-tuning all sub-pixels to achieve uniform brightness. Module to module calibration and advanced picture setting using Samsung LED Signage Manager (LSM) during installation maintains an excellent and consistent presentation.

Versatility for every occasion

The ambition for this installation was to inspire employees and visitors at any moment, not just during presentations or scheduled events. The IF Series offers a number of different products within its portfolio, meaning that Microsoft was able to utilize Samsung’s solutions across its building, not just in the main auditorium, including:

  • - Vertical, LED display in the cafeteria
  • - LED display at the consumer experience store at the 1st floor of the building
  • - UHD 65” standalone menuboard display(QM65) in the cafeteria
  • - FHD 65” standalone display(DM65) in all meeting rooms

All of these displays provided cutting-edge, impactful display technology through the Schiphol location, ensuring that employees were able to make the most of every moment at Microsoft, from buying lunch through to hosting a meeting.

Technology Highlights

  • Industry’s highest-quality LED diodes, resulting in superior picture quality
  • Intuitive usability and hassle-free installation
  • Accurate color expression, even in low brightness
  • Durable, long lasting performance and energy-saving cabinet design

The picture quality on the screen is amazing and gives the “wow factor.” But also, the versatility of the screens and what we can do in terms of using this for multiple presentation types, video, high-quality content, is really incredible.

Joris Haverkort
Director of Customer Experience Center(MTC), Microsoft Netherlands
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Samsung LED Signage transforms the way the company communicates and collaborates

Microsoft Netherlands has installed the ideal solution in order to support the renovation and modernization of its building, creating an engaging place for customers, partners and employees. The visually impactful displays have transformed the way the company now communicates and collaborates, empowering it to achieve more.

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