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Marley Coffee
Marley Coffee

Smart signage from interior design to promotion

25 October 2017

Samsung SMART Signage creates a more appealing shop environment for more customers

To provide customers with information that is clear and vivid, more and more shops are turning to commercial displays. In the past, they used to use actual models, standing signboards, or papers. However, an increasing number of brands are considering adopting digital displays to secure their brand competitiveness, attract more customers, make their shops more friendly, create a more pleasant shop environment, and decrease maintenance costs. After the adoption of Samsung SMART Signage, Marley Coffee is working on interior design and promotion projects.

Customer Needs

Marley Coffee
Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage, Magicinfo


Greater space utilization, strong durability, as well as a wide viewing angle

SMART Signage Menu Board Helps Minimize the Inventory and Maximize Customer Benefits

Marley Coffee chose Samsung SMART Signage to help accelerate business growth. What Marley Coffee wanted was a new marketing strategy using a SMART Signage menu board connected to a POS terminal. For example, when the inventory of sandwiches is confirmed as 10 in the POS terminal, the shop can hold a limited-time event using the menu board so that it can provide delicious food to customers at a reasonable price and minimize inventory. Samsung Electronics worked with Solbi POS to build a system that allows the shop to immediately display the POS data of the store on the SMART Signage menu board. In this system, what you need is an Android set-top box to transmit or modify content to every shop simultaneously or in real time. By choosing Samsung SMART Signage, Marley Coffee has been able to deliver differentiated marketing activities, including promotions that vary by time, as well as limited clearance sales reflecting the conditions for each shop. For example, the shop can promote the sales of seasonal menu items or special menu items for days like Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day by using the menu board, which means that the stores are now able to do effective marketing activities according to what’s working at a local level.

Small SMART Signage Boasts Greater Space Utilization

On one side of the wall at the Marley Coffee shop, a Samsung SMART Signage is installed for playing videos, as well as music. Since Marley Coffee has its motive in Bob Marley’s music, it wanted to provide music service in the shop, and Samsung Electronics proposed a small Smart Signage that can play music, as well as videos. This “small” product with a 54m-wide screen that Samsung Electronics newly introduced in the SMART Signage market boasts greater space utilization, strong durability, as well as a wide viewing angle.

Technology Highlights

  • Clear picture quality and high readability
  • Wide viewing angle of 178˚
  • Great durability for max. 16 hours use a day
  • Easy installation
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Delivering crisp messages while projecting better interior design

Crystal Clear Picture Quality and Great Effects on Interior

Marley Coffee’s SMART Signage menu board is a great way to introduce menu items and it plays a key role in advertisements and promotional videos. An official from Marley Coffee said, “The SMART Signage with its clear picture quality and high readability allows us to introduce our menu items and deliver news about our brand through video ads, which is far more effective than existing papers or printed menus.”

Great Readability and Visibility

At the Marely coffee shop, customers can easily see the menu items and prices from various angles on the Samsung SMART Signage menu board.

Great Effects on Interior Design

Colorful content on SMART Signage helps attract attention and make the shop more accessible. The bezels of Samsung SMART Signage are equal in width, and the 11mm thin bezels (※ the corresponding model only) make the menu board look like a digital frame. In addition, the power supply unit is embedded in the back of the product, allowing for a clutter-free environment.

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