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Macau Legend Heroes Park
Macau Legend Heroes Park

Samsung SMART LED Signage bring tech-infused gaming park to life

14 April 2020

Building a gamer’s paradise with Samsung technology

As gaming has grown in popularity around the world, greater emphasis has been put on the gaming journey and experience. Gamers seek out engrossing experiences that quite literally bring the game to life around them with augmented and virtual reality. Legend Heroes Park wanted to create a thrilling and realistic gaming experience for players using the latest technology. Samsung’s leading visual display technology that delivers lifelike details, paired with its tailored digital solution and deep understanding of the market allowed Legend Heroes Park to reshape their park, enhancing the experience of their customers and giving the business a competitive advantage.

Customer Needs

An irresistible destination that brings gaming to life

Legend Heroes Park
Samsung Product
LED Signage, SMART Signage, MagicINFO solution

In developing the space for Legend Heroes Park, the goal was to create a world-class entertainment experience. Visitors needed to be drawn in from the moment they entered the space to come and explore. The park required many displays of varying sizes, from the entrance to the gaming arena and throughout the space to help keep guests entertained and connected. The games themselves also required visual technology that would bring the gameplay to life and could keep up with the latest games and entertainment available.


Layering leading technology for a stunning first impression

Eye-catching LED signage on a grand scale

To make an impactful first impression, Samsung installed two massive 16x3 and 9x3 meters LED walls composed of Samsung’s IFH-E P2.5 LED signage at the park entrance area. The displays’ superior picture quality and HDR video processing technologies showcase graphics and effects that allow visitors to immediately feel the atmosphere of the park and entice potential customers to come in and play. The IF series also implements a unique grayscale management algorithm that maintains consistent R/G/B gradation for improved color accuracy, making it the ideal solution for low-light, indoor environments such as the Legend Heroes Park.

Despite the significant size of the LED walls, installation was able to take place without delay as IF series is lightweight providing an easy installation process for all environments.

Macau Legend Heroes Park-LED Signage

Exceptional picture quality in any size

The park required a range of dynamic and versatile displays of various sizes, PMH series 60 units in total, from Samsung to display real-time content of all their games. Each Samsung display delivers industry-leading picture quality and offers the park the flexibility to expand and align screen composition and scale with their needs.

Macau Legend Heroes Park-PMF Series

Simple display management for improved customer engagement

Samsung’s powerful remote hardware and content management solution, MagicINFO, provides the park with an efficient tool for content managers. With the ability to control hardware and software properties remotely, MagicINFO serves as a virtual remote control allowing their team to update messaging, designs and schedules across all their displays from any location at any time. This ensures they are always keeping customers engaged with the most relevant real-time content — with limited effort required by staff.

Macau Legend Heroes Park-MagicINFO

Technology Highlights

  • Superior picture quality with high dynamic range (HDR) picture refinement, LED signage IF series
  • Optimized picture quality and product design for various gaming environment, PMH series
  • Integrated and powerful contents management solution, MagicINFO platform

Samsung display products provide a high-quality picture which is very bright and vivid. This is exactly what we needed in order to enhance the customers’ gaming experience. Customers nowadays are very technologically savvy and they expect a theme park to deliver an amazing gaming experience

Vasiliki Bougani
General Manager, Legend Heroes Park
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An immersive experience to share and remember

To create an entertainment space that is as functional as it is technologically advanced, Legend Heroes Park chose an ideal partner in Samsung. With its industry-leading display technology, customers are greeted with the most impactful visuals possible from the moment they enter the park. In addition to providing customers with a memorable experience, Samsung’s display technology provides the park’s business operations with greater efficiencies from installation all the way through to day-to-day operations.

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