LED for Home creates one-of-a-kind viewing experience success story

LED for home

Creating one-of-a-kind viewing experience within home at complete harmony with its surroundings

20 February 2019

Samsung SMART LED Signage provides premium picture quality at home

Cambridge, located on one of the Northern Islands in New Zealand, is known as “The Town of Trees and Champions.” Home to historical buildings, antique shops and luxury homes, each property is designed to the exact specifications of its owner, with great attention to detail. This also includes display technology. Advancements in large scale screens means that consumers now want high-end, professional-grade technology which must not only provide the most premium picture quality available, but subtly integrate with the surrounding environment to ensure complete harmony within the home.

Customer Needs

Display that reflects homeowner's style and taste

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart LED Signage

In such an impressive space, it’s critical that any display technology makes a real impact, while simultaneously and naturally blending into the home. In this case, the homeowner knew exactly what he wanted – a display that reflected his style, taste and a number of key specifications. In terms of size, the customer was searching for a slightly larger display than what was currently available on the market, at a minimum of 100”, ultimately deciding on a 110”, modular screen setup. Several other factors were taken into account to ensure the display delivered the optimal experience for viewers and visitors to his home. For one, the room was so massive that the display would be viewed from up to 20 meters away. Additionally, a room of this size with many windows receives significant ambient lighting, which had to be equally considered, to both guarantee the right solution and meet the customer’s high expectations


Supreme color quality and high contrast ratio

In partnership with Arc Automation, Security & Electrical, Samsung installed the IF012J 110” LED screen in the main entertainment area of the property – providing brilliant, true-to-life picture quality optimized for a diverse range of ambient lighting conditions. The picture quality and high contrast ratio were two of the most important details for this customer – to ensure anyone who laid eyes on the screen would be in awe of the image, rather than focusing on and counting the pixels. The project manager of Arc, as the owner of the home renovation assignment, travelled to the United States to view the product as it wasn’t currently available in New Zealand. This gave him the opportunity to compare products from several manufacturers side-by-side, assessing how each is assembled, how each performs and how each finished product would fit into the overall design of the home. The display’s superior picture quality was supported by High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement, which added further clarity and sophistication, perfectly suited to the opulent design of his home. The complementary dynamic peaking capability of the display also elevated peak brightness to levels nearly two times higher than the standard LED maximum, creating high-impact images that would truly pop from any distance.

Easy installation, maintenance and reliability

The IF Series offers easy installation, with its compact design ensuring a flexible, seamless implementation in any environment. Traditionally, to maintain an LED cabinet, engineers need to access the device from the backside. However, the full-front service capability of the IF Series gives access to critical components and ensures a tidy activation free of catwalk space, meaning more convenient and efficient maintenance. This was a key consideration for Arc as the installation partner, with ease of use being an important factor in the final decision. In addition, reliability was a key factor for the customer as he wanted to be sure that once installed, the display would maintain optimal performance for years to come. The IF Series includes advanced temperature and ventilation management settings and a fan-less design to ensure uninterrupted content delivery in a variety of conditions, resulting in minimal failures and a satisfied customer.

Technology Highlights

  • Industry’s best video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement
  • Detailed, accurate and true-to-life color presentation
  • Convenient installation and seamless operation
  • Durable, long-lasting performance and integrated error prevention

The expectations were that we were going to get a screen that was going to be immersive, so that you were going to be captivated by the screen. You are going to be in awe of it and not be able to take your eyes off it. We were expecting bright vivid colors, and things that would really pop. And those expectations were definitely met.

Jason Buckley
Operations Manager, Arc Automation, Security & Electrical Ltd
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Visually impactful display having transforms the living space

The homeowner installed this solution in order to create an immersive experience, not only bringing the pictures to life, but enhancing his home by choosing a product that perfectly complemented the environment. Samsung stood out by some distance as the ideal solution provider, resulting in the visually impactful display having transformed his living space and has quickly become the highlight and focal point of his incredible home.

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P1.2 / industry-best video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement.



P1.2 / industry-best video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement.

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