Korea Racing Authority LetsRun Park in Busan & Gyeongnam

Korea Racing Authority LetsRun Park in Busan & Gyeongnam

Making sports broadcasting more immersive

22 October 2017

Samsung SMART Signage brings more thrill to watching horse races

Horse racing is a global leisure sport with a long history and tradition. At the center of Korea’s horse racing industry stands the Korea Racing Authority (KRA). A 95-year-old organization, KRA has developed various leisure and tourism content in order to establish the horse racing and horse riding as national leports(leisure + sports). One of the things that visitors see first when they enter the lounge of LetsRun Park in Busan & Gyeongnam is the giant video wall, which is 13m wide. This in particular catches visitor attention. It is the Samsung SMART Signage that makes the horse racing more pleasant to watch through vivid images with the great immersion level.

Customer Needs

Increased visibility of content and a more lively feeling of horse racing

KRA(Korea Racing Authority)
Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage

In Busan & Gyeongnam LetsRun Park, which was opened in 2005 after previously opening in Seoul and Jeju-do, people can enjoy various services like watching horse races, buying pari-mutuel tickets, horse races, and racing broadcasting. The park runs diverse programs that the whole family can enjoy, including “Pony Riding,” “Horse Related Exhibition,” “Family Bike,” “Flower Carriage,” and “Rose Garden.” But, before the installation of “Samsung SMART Signage,” there were a total of eight 81cm-wide televisions. Its low-definition reduced the visibility, and the individually displayed screens lowered the immersion level. KRA wanted to increase the visibility of content and made the broadcasting livelier to deliver the lively feeling of the horse racing held in another area, making spectators feel as if they were watching the horse racing in the flesh.


Uniform and clear picture quality and strong durability

Giant 13m-wide screen realizes live and dynamic broadcasting of horse racing

Samsung SMART Signage UH55F-E Series provides the super slim 1.7mm bezels that are 51% thinner compared to the previous model (UDE-P), helping realize a giant and seamless display without any distortion. “Since horses run about 2,000 meters in a single race, we decided to adopt a wide screen to capture the lifelike realism of being at the races. Customers love being able to watch ‘Samsung SMART Signage’ from the lounge, as it delivers a wide screen with high-definition broadcasting,” said an official form the Park, who adopted “Samsung SMART Signage.”

Uniform and clear picture quality and strong durability realize vivid images and higher immersion level

Samsung SMART Signage provides information about the odds, games and horses to customers who are waiting for the next race. When the racing is finished, it immediately shows the rankings. All this makes horse racing all the more exiting. Samsung SMART Signage UH55F-E Series boasts strong durability that mean it can be used to play content vividly for up to the 7 days in a row. When there is no racing, it can play promotional videos about KRA or customized content for visitors. The anti-light reflection panel helps minimize the reflection of the surrounding lights to realize optimized brightness. The calibration technology has been applied to the products for color uniformity, which is one of the most important factors in the video wall. This technology helps realize color uniformity, delivering uniform and optimized picture quality.

The realization of a perfect integrated solution including a broadcasting relay system

In particular, Samsung SMART Signage has succeeded in distinguishing itself from others with an innovative broadcasting solution. It provides a transmission method that directly receives videos from the broadcasting equipment, rather than the traditional TV method, as well as a “Wall Controller” broadcasting system, which allowing for the screen control. This live-broadcasting system allows people to have a more immersive experience of every horse racing around the country on Samsung SMART Signage. It also makes it more efficient to control the whole display of the SMART Signage with a normal laptop without complex broadcasting equipment. The “Wall Mount” solution, which greatly reduces the installation stages, allows you to simply install “Samsung SMART Signage” anywhere you want.

Technology Highlights

  • 1.7mm Ultra-slim bezel that enables seamless giant screen
  • Superior picture quality that maintain a uniform tone without light reflection
  • Strong durability that ensures 24 x 7 hours use
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The best horse theme park in the region augmented by Samsung SMART Signage

With Samsung SMART Signage, the horse racing industry led by KRA is becoming a national sport. The Korean horse racing industry is rapidly growing to the extent that it is exporting the broadcasting and ticketing systems. The LetsRun Park in Busan & Gyeongnam has taken a step closer to customers with Samsung SMART Signage, emerging as as the best horse theme park in the region with the popularization of horse racing.

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