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Intermarché Grocery Store Intermarché Grocery Store
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Intermarche Grocery Store

  • Client : Intermarché (Supermarket Chain)
  • Industry : Retail
  • Samsung Solution :Samsung MD Series


The Challenges : What were Intermarche’s Challenges and needs?

Intermarché is a group of independently owned grocery stores that joined forces in 1969 and currently has over 2,000 stores in 6 countries throughout Europe. Continuously seeking innovative methods to enhance its image and better serve customers, Intermarché wanted a cutting-edge technological solution to stay ahead of increasing competition.

What challenges did Intermarché face in the highly competitive retail market?

ntermarché is a group of independent grocery store owners who joined forces to share their common values and commitment to better serve the needs of their customers. The grocery stores focus on providing value, freshness and quality in a people-friendly shopping environment. Founded in 1969, Intermarché has grown to over 2,000 stores in 6 countries: France, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Bosnia and Romania. Each store is independently owned and operated with a central office that supports local owners through consolidated purchasing, marketing and IT systems.

What did Intermarché need to accomplish to be competitive?

Progressive grocers are adopting sleek, digital displays over static, traditional paper posters to attract shoppers with appealing visual merchandising promotions. Intermarché was looking for an efficient, less expensive, modern way to display store promotions, as well as a way to keep shoppers entertained while standing in long checkout lines.


SAMSUNG Solutions : What are the Key Benefits of Samsung Displays?

To provide an enhanced shopping experience for shoppers and differentiate themselves from the competition, Intermarché installed Samsung MD Series 40” LED displays in the fresh food areas. These included the cheese, bakery, meat and seafood departments, where the cost-effective FHD displays featured mouthwatering images of healthy, delicious-looking food to encourage sales. As a multi-purpose digital signage solution viable for virtually any retail space, MD Series displays were also mounted above each cashier lane to broadcast local weather, news and other interesting content.

  • Bright, high-resolution,Full HD images.

    Engage customers with vivid, crystal clear images of food products.

  • Image Rotation

    Easily rotate images of food items between landscape and portrait mode to get the maximum effect at the lowest cost.

  • Low power consumption

    Save on operational costs with up to 50 percent less power consumption than traditional displays.

  • Built-in media player

    Simplify management and operations across all store locations.

  • Slim Bezel and Thin Profile

    Provide a modern and sophisticated ambiance for grocery stores.


The Result : What Key achivements did Hall County Schools accomplish?

Samsung MD Series have proven to be effective marketing tools, drawing shoppers as well as giving stores a clean, modern look for a pleasant shopping experience. Since installing the displays in its stores, Intermarché has seen a significant increase in revenue and shopper attendance, giving them an edge over the competition

  • Increase in sales turnover for fresh foods from active promotion using digital signage.

    Engaged customers and encouraged purchases with attractive, vivid images of fresh foods such as vegetable and meats displayed in promotions, specials and recipes.

  • Decrease in perceived wait time at cashier lanes.

    Thoroughly engaged customers with entertaining and informative content while waiting in checkout lines.

  • Simple, seamless content management between central and local stores.

    Enabled convenient display management globally and at the local store level to suit individual neighborhood needs and customer tastes.

  • Modernized store image and enhanced shopping experience ensured customer satisfaction.

    Created a modern, pleasant shopping atmosphere, encouraging shoppers to linger, purchase more and return later.

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