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IBM Korea

Innovation of office communication

10 October 2017

Samsung SMART Signage provides innovative solutions to customers

IBM Korea achieved remarkable growth from 1984 to 2000. In the space of 15 years, it has opened the door to the second era of Yeouido by moving to the Three IFC building in Yeouido as a new company building. IBM Korea has realized the office space with a new concept and “Client Center” in order to strengthen customer interaction and improve convenience and work efficiency for all employees. Samsung SMART Signage has been applied in various formats to each space to effectively describe IBM Korea of today, which provides innovative solutions to customers

Customer Needs

Client center to provide differentiated infrastructure and services

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage(DBE)

IBM Korea, which moved to its new company building March 2015, announced that it decided to make it the first year in which it would take a major leap forward as an innovative partner that helps Korean companies grow with customer-centered strategies, innovation through collaboration, and social contribution. To differentiate itself from other regional branches of IBM by providing differentiated infrastructure and services, it has worked hard to strengthen the customer interaction, including by opening the “Client Center.” Before moving to the new company building in Yeouido, IBM Korea considered many ideas about the space organization of the “Client Center.”


Delivering clear information for better communication

Offering a total consulting service about the space organization

Samsung Electronics proposed a total consulting service, including the solution design for the space organization and interior design as well as content for the center, which was empty at that time. Samsung Electronics’ proposal exactly satisfied the needs of IBM Korea and transformed the “Client Center” into a place to introduce IBM to customers and achieve business innovations through collaboration.

The place where customers can experience IBM and work with IBM for growth

In the Client Center, customers can enjoy a visual experience with the clear and vivid display of Samsung SMART Signage about IBM’s history, achievements, competitive content, and unique solutions. Customers in the Client Center pass through the “Welcome Zone” to the “History Wall,” where they can learn about the history and future of IBM in a chronological manner through the display of Samsung SMART Signage. For more detail, customers can easily find relevant information on the mobile devices like a tablet or smart phone. Employees are allowed to pick the content for a short-briefing or presentation. What makes IBM Korea’s Client Center all the more meaningful is that it has the Demonstration Zone for the first time in Korea, the fourth in Asia. In the Demonstration Zone, IBM Korea demonstrates its solutions and meetings for solutions or decision making with a one-stop system. The screen in the Demonstration Zone is composed of multiple Samsung Signage products, and their bezel-less products make the screen look as if it is a single screen from the beginning like a giant screen in the movie theater.

Information for better communication between the company, employees and customers

On the common area of each floor in the company building, Samsung SMART Signage is installed in the wall without printouts or posters. On the screen, various content including notifications, information about each floor, advertisement videos about IBM’s competitiveness and identity is repeatedly played. With Samsung SMART Signage as a board, IBM can simultaneously change the content including photos and videos through the dedicated server. The company’s messages are effectively delivered with the clear and vivid picture quality and wide viewing-angle. On the 8th floor, there as a rest place for employees and customers, the “Blue Lounge.” Visitors pass through the common area to the Lounge, and there are Samsung SMART Signages are installed all over the walls in the Lounge. The Signage in the rest place delivers news and information about IBM’s technologies and services in a way that is different from the ones in the lobby. IBM Korea has implemented a new polity “Office 5.0,” which can help strengthen autonomy and collaboration. The Office Floor of IBM Korea is composed of a mobile office booking system, mobile seats, collaboration meeting room. Every morning, employees get to the SMART Signage around the entrance. As they have to choose the seat in which they will use for the day. In the meeting room that many people use, Samsung SMART Signage has replaced the projector. The vivid and clear display of the SMART Signage clearly delivers the presentations without the need to turn off the light or draw the curtains. The wide viewing angle allows employees to watch the screen from any seats. Plus, participants can connect the product to many devices like a computer or mobile device. Its strong durability means it can be used for a long time. Its low power consumption helps to reduce the maintenance costs.

Technology Highlights

  • Super slim bezel that provides immersive viewing experience and able to be utilized as multi-screen and video wall
  • Intuitive UI and 100+ on-board templates to make contents easily
  • Embedded Wi-Fi for contents sharing
  • Quad-core media player for non-PC environment

Customers are highly satisfied with the system, since they can directly or indirectly experience content, rather than just listening to explanations

an official
from IBM Korea.
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Customers are deeply satisfied with the system by experiencing the contents directly or indirectly

With Samsung SMART Signage, IBM Korea can immediately deliver its messages to its employees and customers as images or videos, while visitors can enjoy the content on the vivid display. It is very useful for the common area and rest area and helps realize a better environment both for the company and employees.

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