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The Hall County School has embraced new, collaborative technologies in its classrooms. Through this approach, their students will thrive in the new economy of the 21st century.


The Challenges : What were Hall County Schools’ Challenges and needs?

The Academies of Discovery are part of the Hall County school system in Georgia, which supports 27,000 K-12 students across 33 schools. With the vision of transforming the traditional learning environment, the Academies focus on problem-based study and applying classroom learning to real-life situations and goals.

Immense diversity of devices poses the problem of solitary learning

The Academies’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy has resulted in a diverse set of devices and systems being brought to school by 75% of the student body. This posed a significant challenge to the schools' collaborative learning environment, which needed to foster interaction, rather than work in individual silos.

The issue of individuated students working alone on separate screens

Hall County schools sought to create a place within the Academies where students could gather to work together on a single, large screen. In order to do this, they had to incorporate several large-format displays throughout the Academies’ 96 classrooms and their Learning Commons.


SAMSUNG Solutions : What are the Key Benefits of Samsung Displays?

To solve the challenge of integrating students' diverse devices with large-screen displays for group collaboration, Hall County schools chose Samsung LED digital signage. Samsung displays were chosen for their exceptional picture quality, the range of interactive solutions available and the displays' cost-saving, energy-efficiency. Hall County schools were also familiar with Samsung displays from their success on a previous Lanier Charter Career Academy project.

  • Vivid screen haring with ME Series display

    Enable students to plug their own laptops into the classroom displays and share their screens with the group with full clarity and brightness.

  • Dynamic, collaborative classrooms via e-Board

    Design an engaging, student-centric experience using a Touch Overlay Accessory and MagicIWB (Interactive White Board) solution to transform the displays into interactive whiteboards.

  • Enhanced student interaction through powerful connectivity

    Create collaboration stations equipped with MD Series 55-inch displays, enabling up to 16 students to connect their personal mobile devices to the displays for project sharing.

  • Brilliant video walls delivering engaging student content

    Build a video wall comprised of 3x3 UD Series LED displays with ultra-narrow bezels for a powerful visual communications tool and Full high-definition(FHD) canvas for displaying student presentations and performances.

  • Streamlined visual messaging with built-in media player

    Deliver event information and showcase student projects in hallways using LED-lit displays with a built-in media player and Samsung MagicInfo® Lite software to run video clips or slide shows by plugging in a USB stick without needing a separate set-top box.


The Result : What Key achievements did Hall County Schools accomplish?

Samsung displays have made an enormous, positive impact on the learning environment at the Academies. By enabling student devices to be plugged into the displays, teachers and students now have a digital canvas for interacting and collaborating in a whole new way. In fact, Hall County schools' implementation of Samsung display solutions is setting a benchmark for other schools to follow.

  • Fostered interaction and collaboration among students

    Encouraged a productive exchange of ideas and participation in the class between fellow students using e-Boards with Touch Overlays and embedded software.

  • Prompted educators to develop creative teaching techniques

    Inspired teachers to find creative ways to use the display technology to spark student enthusiasm in the learning experience.

  • Vividly communicated school-related content on Full HD displays and video walls

    Displayed pertinent school messages, student projects and performances throughout the facility on high-impact video walls and displays featuring ultra-thin bezels for virtually distraction-free viewing.

  • Boosted student self-confidence and communication skills

    Provided the interactive tools to encourage student participation, thereby building student self-confidence and interpersonal skills.

  • Supported BYOD through student device integration

    Enabled students to link their own devices to digital signage for sharing their screen content with teachers and fellow students, facilitating group collaboration and interaction.

  • Increased student engagement in the learning process

    Promoted creative thinking through collaboration, immersing students in the learning experience and helping them realize their fullest potential, facilitated by FHD displays and robust software solutions.

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