Fashion Research Italy Foundation

Fashion Research Italy Foundation

Outdoor displays bring style, sophistication to partner’s headquarters

28 March 2018

Samsung's interactive whiteboards capture the innovative and sophisticated brand identity

Samsung Electronics recently partnered with the Fashion Research Italy (FRI) Foundation to develop and install a first-of-its-kind virtual catwalk at the entrance to the organization’s Bologna headquarters. Consisting of eight Samsung OH85F large-format outdoor displays, the virtual catwalk serves as an eye-catching feature that captures the FRI’s innovative and chic brand identity. Additionally, the catwalk showcases FRI students’ work to previously unavailable audiences, and amplifies models and apparel with lifelike realism and brilliance. The seamless start to the partnership inspired the FRI to begin replacing its analog and chalk classroom boards with the more versatile and interactive Samsung DME-BR electronic whiteboards.

Customer Needs

Durable outdoor displays capable of showcasing detail-rich realism

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage(OHF, DME-BR)

In October 2017, the FRI Foundation opened its Bologna campus with a mission to “nurture innovation, education and heritage for Italian fashion.” Founder Alberto Masotti wanted to extend the Foundation’s future-facing, modern image to the facility’s entrance, including an unprecedented virtual catwalk that would both spotlight the work of FRI’s aspiring designers and inspire creativity among guests. To bring this idea to life, Masotti and his team required durable outdoor displays capable of showcasing detail-rich realism regardless of the surrounding environmental conditions.


Reducing management and maintenance costs

A history of innovation

After a detailed evaluation, the FRI team selected Samsung as its virtual catwalk partner. Masotti in particular cited Samsung’s proven creativity to accommodate unique signage scenarios as a deciding factor. Following close consultation, the FRI identified Samsung’s OH85F Series large-format outdoor displays as the ideal foundation for the virtual catwalk.

Outside thinking

The OH85F Series displays suited the FRI’s plans for a prominent, eye-catching entrance. As the largest outdoor displays in Samsung’s portfolio, the OH85F screens would immediately be noticeable to approaching guests, with a slim-depth design further drawing eyes to content rather than the physical display itself. And with the integration of Samsung’s leading visual display technologies, the FRI could confidently deploy content with optimal brilliance, color depth and captivation.

Clear, consistent and continuous

Samsung and collaborative partner Videoworks also reinforced the virtual catwalk’s eight-display series with durability-driving features. Each OH85F Series display is IP56 Ingress certified, signifying an ability to resist variations from weather, heat and other sources of natural interference. An integrated, filter-less self-cooling system also maintains content integrity and consistency in times of extreme temperatures, while also reducing user expenses. For added defense, the virtual catwalk’s signs contain anti-reflection and anti-vandalism glass.

A convenient management style

To further provide value and extend their partner’s ROI, Samsung and Videoworks also identified opportunities to help the RFI maximize its operational efficiency. In particular, the FRI recognized great advantage from the displays’ embedded MagicINFO content platform. Through MagicINFO, the RFI’s managers now can load, modify, schedule and deploy static and motion content from any location, offering greater flexibility and adaptability. The virtual runway also will help the RFI shed management and maintenance costs common with traditional showcase events, with the signage technology replacing more demanding human components.

Technology Highlights

  • A series of eight large-format outdoor displays showcasing models at actual size.
  • Centralized, all-in-one management powered by mobile apps and the MagicINFO content platform.
  • An IP56 Ingress-certified design that upholds content integrity regardless of surrounding conditions.
  • An anti-reflection and anti-vandalism glass exterior that deters interference and content variation.
  • A modern, sophisticated and compelling concept that advances the FRI’s futuristic brand identity.

We had this idea of a non-traditional catwalk and Samsung was able to translate it into reality, thanks to its technology and I’m very proud of our partnership.

Alberto Masotti
President of FRI
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Allows facilitators and students to engage in a more interactive and versatile fashion

Both the Samsung virtual catwalk and RFI campus opened to rave reviews in October 2017. To date, the RFI has hosted several showcases within its enhanced outdoor space, and its team notes that the displays’ continuity and ease of use already have accelerated student content delivery. The virtual catwalk’s successes also generated new partnership opportunities for Samsung and the RFI. Notably, the institute replaced several of its classroom blackboards and analog boards with Samsung’s DME-BR electronic whiteboards. The upgrade allows FRI facilitators and students to engage in a more interactive and versatile fashion.

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