How Samsung Kiosk transformed a growing coffee franchise into a smart business

24 February 2022

Specialty coffee franchise transforms with fully automated service model

The retail industry is transforming as more businesses increasingly turn to new solutions to meet and exceed changing customer demands. One solution gaining popularity and widespread adoption is automation. By incorporating automation into the retail journey,businesses can serve more customers with increased consistency, all while expanding business opportunities.
One such company leveraging this model is C+urban, a specialty coffee franchise in South Korea. With plans to expand and grow the company even further, C+urban began exploring a fully automated Smart Cafe concept in order to open new locations in smaller torefronts to serve a constant flow of customers in dense urban areas.
Using kiosk improved operational efficiency without increasing manpower and opened new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities during each transaction. Here is how Samsung Kiosk makes C+urban’s new cafes smarter.

Customer Needs

Maximizing efficiency while cutting wait times for optimized customer experience

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Samsung Product

As competition increases and demand fluctuates, retail businesses are turning to automation to account for changing needs. C+urban uses a franchise model with individual owners overseeing each store. With business booming, franchise owners requested to open new stores in denser city centers. However, as downtowns typically utilize smaller storefronts and see a near constant influx of customers from morning to night, these new stores needed to account for different customer needs than seen in suburban locations.
To account for these new needs, C+urban designed an automated concept that would run even without employees present. These new stores would streamline the customer journey from purchase to pickup to maximize efficiency and cut down wait times. C+urban quickly identified the need for a reliable kiosk solution that could be installed in compact spaces and featured easy maintenance.


Modernizing every store and utilizing advanced insight analytics

Why Samsung?

C+urban ultimately chose Samsung Kiosk due to its position as the global number one brand in the visual display market* trusted by both store owners and customers. Samsung Kiosk enables businesses to modernize its stores to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. With remote management, managers can modify and resolve issues remotely even when employees are not present at the store for smooth operation. Plus, comprehensive data from Samsung Kiosk helps business to further grow sales by leveraging insights to derive new strategies.

* Samsung topped the global TV market for the 15th consecutive year and has also been the No. 1 selling digital signage brand for the 12th consecutive year, according to the market research firm, Omdia.

Versatile functionality for smooth customer flow

Managers of compact, urban stores are required to efficiently utilize every square meter of space to create streamlined customer journeys without delays. With narrow layouts in each new store, C+urban was able to design custom, highly-efficient purchase and pickup systems thanks to Samsung Kiosk’s compact size and various installation options. This redesigned customer flow eliminated previous overlapping ordering and pickup issues in older store layouts. With a space-efficient design, customers flowed in and out of stores with satisfaction.

C+urban-KMA Series

Comprehensive management solution for ease of use

As the store does not have 24-hour management staff, management simplicity is vital for maintaining operational efficiency. If kiosk requires maintenance or identifies any issues with the network, cabling, paneling or mainboard, it promptly sends an email alerting managers through MagicINFO solution.*
Additionally, with user-friendly design, managers can easily replace consumables including printer paper in just a few quick steps. As a result, kiosk’s comprehensive support, remote access features, and quick and easy maintenance validated C+urban’s automated concept, proving it to be highly effective for managing the store.

C+urban-KMA Series

* MagicINFO license must be purchased separately.

Data based strategy for new insights

Competition in city centers is vast, meaning businesses must do everything they can to attract customers and increase sales. A popular tactic in retail business is to leverage up-selling and cross-selling opportunities by analyzing data* to maximize return on each customer. With a variety of seasonal options, C+urban was seeking new ways to promote these items and turned to Samsung Kiosk uncover new insights. Statistics based on Samsung Kiosk ordering data allowed store managers to understand new purchase trends, providing them with insights to create tailored promotions and develop new items to further drive customer foot traffic. With a proactive strategy based on kiosk’s actual sales data, C+urban made it possible to achieve both business objectives and customer satisfaction.

C+urban-KMA Series

* Software for data analysis must be purchased separately.


  • KMA 24" Self-ordering kiosk display, 1-2 screens per store

In the past, sales data from POS (point-of-sale system) devices for each store could not be integrated. Now, we can continuously check the data of our smart cafes nationwide and derive meaningful results. We were able to create a new business model thanks to the Samsung Kiosk. It not only helps customers order and receiver their coffees faster, but also enhances in-store operation and analysis for our store owners.

Eun Sung Lim


Streamlining the customer journey to meet increased demand with quality service

For C+urban, demand has increased, during a time in which the need for convenience has surged. As coffee consumption continues to rise in city centers and suburbs across South Korea, customer expectations have evolved. Samsung Kiosk enabled C+urban to deliver a streamlined and optimized customer journey, while leveraging business insights in each store to increase sales. With Samsung Kiosk, C+urban managers can now deliver consistent, highquality service to customers, all while increasing operational efficiency.

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