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Crown Park Hotel Seoul
Crown Park Hotel Seoul

Completion of customized customer services

10 October 2017

Samsung gives a massive wow effect to Crown Park Hotel Seoul

Crown Park Hotel Seoul, which was opened in 2015, is a premium business hotel that is next to the Lotte Department Store, a shopping mecca in Seoul. In the fierce competition among hotels in the Myeong-dong area, it boasted low vacancies by satisfying its customers, more than 95% of foreign tourists from around the world. The vivid displays, installed all over the hotel from the entrance to the room, gave a good first impression about the hotel and all this has been perfected by Samsung Business TV and Samsung SMART Signage.

Customer Needs

Differentiated services and enhanced management system

Crown Park
Samsung Solution
Samsung Hospitality Display Signage, LYNK REACH

In Korea, the competition has become fiercer than ever among hotels in the Myeong-dong area. More and more tourists are finding out about the attractiveness of Myeong-dong, which is a Korean hub of tourism, shopping and business, and very close to cultural tourist attractions like Deoksu Palace and Gyeongbok Palace, etc. There is an enormous number of accommodations from five-star hotels to guest houses. With its opening, Crown Park Hotel Seoul was striving to secure competitiveness to attract customers, especially seeking a solution to provide differentiated conveniences and to increase management efficiency at the same time.


Perfectly customized products for hotels with every imaginable need addressed

With the modern interior design and new facilities, Crown Park Hotel Seoul has 200 standard hotel rooms of 17 types with various layouts and interior designs and 4 suite rooms along with a trendy restaurant, lounge, 4 banquet halls and meeting rooms as well as fitness facilities. The Samsung Business TV and Smart Signage were installed all over the hotel from the entrance to the room. The hotel considered everything from strong durability, sophisticated design and reliable services, featured by Samsung Electronics, a leader in its field. However, there was another reason why Crown Park Hotel chose Samsung Electronics. “We secured management efficiency with Samsung Link Reach Solution and differentiated conveniences with Samsung Business TV” As more and more foreign tourists are vising Korea, the hotel industry is trying to distinguish itself to attract tourists from around the world. This is one of the reasons why many hotels are seeking changes in various aspects including the device, content, IT infrastructure, and customer service. Crown Park Hotel moved faster than many other hotels. It adopted Samsung Business TV and Link Reach Solution and focused on realizing a standard management system and customized services.

Sujeong Ko, the marketing manager of Crown Park Hotel explained why she chose Samsung Business TV, “As more and more hotels from the five-star hotel to the business hotel began to adopt smart devices, we realized that we needed an effective IT solution. As more than 95% of guests are foreigners, we needed to consider a language service for them. We began to think about a ‘total hotel solution’ since it can satisfy the needs of the employees and guests including efficient management, reduced maintenance costs, and customized services. So, we decided that we would adopt a TV, which is one of the most common things in the room, to achieve our goals.” Samsung Business TV is the product customized for hotels with everything they need. The main features include TV Home Menu Setting, Hotel Logo Display & Welcome Message Input, TV Setting Security. With the Home Menu feature, various information including time, date, hotel information, and notifications of promotions and events can be easily selected and edited on the basic content template. Samsung Business TV also support various languages including English, Japanese, and Chinese. Generally, it is never easy for any hotel to realize its own standard system in terms of manpower, time and costs. However, Samsung Business TV provided far more features optimized for hotels than other TV models at similar prices, which is why it is cost effective. In particular, the “USB Cloning” feature allows the basic settings to be simply copied to all TVs using a USB memory device, which helps save a lot of time since there is no need to set up each TV one by one.

Technology Highlights

  • Built-in set-top box that enables efficient management and clutter-free interior design
  • LINK REACH solution which allows administrators to simultaneously manage the TV settings and provide content

I hope that Samsung Electronics’ hotel solution equipped with ‘management, convenience, and costs’ can help other hotels provide premium services like us

Sujeong Ko
marketing manager, Crown Park Hotel
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Wow customers with impeccably detailed services

Six months later from the first proposal, it finished installing Samsung Business TV Solutions in every room. Sujeong Ko said that the main reason why hotel accepted Samsung Electronics’ proposal when the number of hotels was skyrocketing in the area was because of the fact that all the goals could be achieved with Samsung Business TV. “We are very satisfied with everything from preliminary work to maintenance service and others,” said Sujeong Ko. “The competition to attract guests is growing even fiercer among business hotels. The conclusion is that we need to focus on details in services to capture the hearts of the customers.” she added.

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