Samsung LED Signage: The story behind the largest in Korea

Coex SM Town / K-Pop Square

The giant smart LED signage enhances Korea’s times square

27 March 2018

Samsung LED Signage lights up the city

In March 2018, the district around COEX, a sprawling convention center located in Samsung-dong of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, has become like Korea’s Times Square. Samsung Electronics worked with CJ Powercast and KITA (Korea International Trade Association) to install giant high-definition LED signage on the outer wall of SM Town and K-Pop Square of COEX, turning heads among tourists and locals alike. The giant LED signage on the outer wall and 3 LED signages in the square have taken the two-dimensional display to another level, providing a three-dimensional sense of space and a whole new visual experience to the audience.

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Becoming a global digital media landmark

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart LED Signage

With the area around COEX and the Korea World Trade Center designated as a free outdoor advertisement zone, there was a requirement about the kind of large outdoor advertisements in Korea that we used to see in Times Square in Manhattan, New York, which is one of the iconic scenes of the city that never sleeps, filled with glamorous advertisements that draw 20 million tourists every year. And COEX SM Town was the best place for its symbolism of the birthplace of Hallyu(Korean wave).


Two curved edge LED displays cast breathtaking views

Curved SMART LED signage turns heads in the city

The SMART LED Signage, which connects the two displays together with a curved edge, is 81m wide and 20m high (giving a total surface of 1,620m²), which is four times the size of a basketball court. Various Hallyu(Korean wave) content and characterful advertisements shown on the SMART LED Signage deliver immense pleasure to those passing by. Samsung Electronics’ SMART LED Signage draws attention not only for its amazing size, but also for its curved display. Samsung Electronics connected the displays on the two different outer walls on the large building with a curved edge. The curved design is very useful since it seamlessly connects two displays at a right angle, allowing you to deliver content as the way it is. It can help maximize the screen size to expand the viewing angle. Even at night, when lights are turned on in the surrounding building, the signage become harmonious with those buildings. Thus, just playing video ads on the giant SMART LED Signage creates a magnificent view. A person who watched the SMART LED Signage said, “It is amazing and surprising that the two displays, which are large enough to see from distance, are connected with a curved edge. I feel like I’m watching a film in a large movie theater, rather than watching an outdoor ad.”

Vivid display with strong durability lights up Seoul day and night

People visiting the SM Town area of COEX can see the vivid screen of the LED signage at night and even in the day under strong glare and sunlight. Samsung SMART LED Signage supports the display with high brightness in up to 9,000nit and the resolution of 7,840 X 1,952, which is almost twice the resolution of UHD, so that it can show clear images even in bright sunlight and high-density images applying the 10mm distance between each pixel. To prevent any inconvenience to drivers or pedestrians, it automatically lowers the brightness at night to reduce the glare, realizing images optimized for the surrounding environment. Thanks to its strong durability, it is hardly affected by external conditions like rain or wind, and it can be used for up to 100,000 hours*. In this regard, we can say that it is the best media to light up Seoul day and night.

Technology Highlights

  • High brightness of up to 9,000 nit, which supports clear images in bright sunlight
  • 7,840 x 1,952, almost twice the resolution of UHD
  • Automatic brightness adjustment according to the movement of the sun to prevent any inconvenience to drivers or pedestrians
  • Strong durability which is hardly affected by external conditions like rain or wind, and to be used for up to 100,000 hours
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Bringing light to COEX, an iconic landmark of Seoul

Samsung Electronics’ signage installed on the outer wall of the SM Town of COEX delivers vivid and high-quality images on a giant screen. By featuring various outdoor advertisements as well as K-Pop and Hallyu(Korean wave) content, it has rapidly emerged as a premier digital tourist attraction. Starting with this project, signage projects in the free outdoor advertisement zone will be continued. An official from Samsung Electronics said, “If COEX becomes Korea’s Times Square, it will improve the effectiveness of our outdoor advertising and foster the local economy as a new landmark in Seoul. We will take the lead in various activities to increase the brand value of the city with differentiated products equipped with advanced technology from Samsung Electronics.”

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