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CGV Sangam

Raising the value of Korea’s leading cultureplex

18 October 2017

Samsung SMART Signage ensures best-in-class customer service

Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul is emerging as a special new cultural zone by expanding diverse cultural spaces for people based on media and entertainment infrastructure. CGV Sangam located inside the World Cup Stadium has recently implemented “Samsung SMART Signage,” which receives great attention for advanced technologies, to provide high-quality customer service. It is now showing what it is like to be Korea’s leading cultureplex.

Customer Needs

Samsung Solution
Samsung Smart Signage(UDE-B)


Providing movie information clearly and vividly even in dark environments

Samsung SMART Signage provides movie information clearly and vividly even in dark spaces

One of the spaces that CGV Sangam took the greatest care in the renewal process is the box office. The interior design of the box office is very important, as this is where people’s first impression of the movie theater are decided. Customers arrive seeking movie information and can get it easily on a clear and bright screen, even in a low luminous environment. CGV Sangam replaced the 5 monitors installed on the upper side of the wall in the box office with 9 “Samsung SMART Signages.” The replaced large-screen Signage, which is composed of 9 Signages, offers remarkably improved display readability. “Samsung SMART Signage” has adopted the super slim bezel that is 36% thinner than the previous model (UDC series) to provide a seamless large-screen. This minimizes the visual interruption with the panel for anti-light-reflection. Now, customers visiting the movie theater can find information about movies now playing, tickets and parking on a large and clear screen. An official from CGV Sangam said, “Our regular customers were first to recognize the change and they were well received. Many customers are satisfied with the screen since they can confirm showtimes or check the remaining seats a bit away from the screen.”

Samsung SMART Signage provides customized information in real time, strengthening customer communication

The installation of “Samsung SMART Signage” has taken customer experience to another level, even in the waiting space. Other movie theaters may inform customers about their showtimes and theaters on a normal screen, but CGV Sangam installed 6 Signages so that customers can easily get information on a large screen that offers greater readability. This allows CGV Sangam to update information about showtimes and theaters in real-time without difficulty, and inform customers that the movie will soon begin when showtime starts. “Samsung SMART Signage” provides customized information in real time, and one of its strengths is an effective and integrated operation system that allows the central server to remotely control the system and scheduling. “Samsung SMART Signage” offers outstanding calibration technology, which minimizes the color contrast, shows more dramatic and immersive movie trailers, making customers’ waiting time even more pleasant.

Technology Highlights

  • Superior image quality through superior process calibration
  • Ultra-slim bezel and optimized panel design deliver clear message
  • Smart management through remote content control
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Best-in-class facilities, culture and services

An official from CGV Sangam said, “We have been able to provide greater comfort and thoughtful services to customers based on their location, right from the initial ticketing stage through to the theater entrance thanks to Samsung SMART Signage. Its great technologies and ease of use have helped us to improve the business efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time.”

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