Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude

Samsung Kiosk helps to manage independently run café efficiently and flexibly

30 June 2021

Café delivers modern and seamless customer experience with Samsung display

As a forward-thinking business, Cafe Gratitude wanted to deliver a modern and seamless experience to its customers. In recent years, as the trend of contactless shopping has increased in popularity, unmanned payment kiosks have quickly become a part of everyday life in retail stores. Based on its deep knowledge and market experience, Samsung was able to meet the requirements of both the café and its customers, delivering the latest in kiosk solutions and ensuring the smooth operations of the café for years ahead.

Customer Needs

Innovation that enables efficiency while maximizing sales opportunities

Cafe Gratitude
Retail, QSR
Samsung Product

In a fast-paced, busy customer environment, the owners of Cafe Gratitude needed a solution that enabled them to properly run the café independently. In addition to improving efficiency, the owners needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate into the small space within the café, enhancing their business while not disrupting the customer experience. Finally, the reliability and performance were a key consideration for the small business, needing peace of mind that the kiosk would not fail and result in any business downtime. To resolve any concerns the owner had, the selection of the right kiosk technology was important in ensuring the café could improve efficiency while building brand affinity and creating new sales opportunities for the future.


Crisp visuals and versatile payment options for increased customer satisfaction

Why Samsung?

Cafe Gratitude chose Samsung as a result of its brand reputation as a leading provider of technology, delivering flexibility, reliability and concise visuals for easy readability. In addition, having observed and examined more than 200 stores during the product planning phase, Samsung was confident that its Kiosk solution would deliver all the benefits required by the customer, and more.

Versatile payment option

The modular design of the Samsung Kiosk provides functionality to support a variety of payment options including credit card, barcode, QR code and NFC. It also contains an internal printer module removing the need for any additional payment peripherals, while making maintenance fast and easy. For regular customers, the kiosk system also enabled customers to earn points that can be credited directly to their mobile phone number, a must-have in the modern retail environment where loyalty must be rewarded to avoid dissatisfaction and ensure repeat customer business. This versatile range of options is built based on Samsung’s proven SoC (System on Chip) technology, enabling the product to function without the need for an external PC – highlighting Samsung’s leadership in the PC-less solution space, another deciding factor for the customer. The SoC technology also ensures operational stability of the Kiosk meaning low failure rates for consistent performance and minimal disruption or downtime for the business, maximizing sales potential at all times.

Cafe Gratitude-KMA Series

Compact design to complement the space

At only 73.3cm tall without a stand and 23.6cm deep, with a 24-inch touch display, the Samsung Kiosk is a compact and modern solution, which seamlessly integrated with the existing aesthetic of the café. The Kiosk also provides enhanced flexibility with three installation types – countertop, floor stand and wall-mounting – with no bulky external media player needed either for optimized space saving. In Cafe Gratitude specifically, there were concerns that the entrance space would be inconvenient based on the amount of space in the store, but Samsung’s Kiosk was designed to support any compact form, so it was a seamless installation.
Finally, the owners were very conscious of managing the spread of bacteria given the number of people touching the screen every day, particularly during currently heightened sensitivity. But Samsung’s UL-certified, Antimicrobial Coating technology protects the screen against certain bacteria, infused with a zinc-based additive verified to inhibit microbial growth during customer interactions.

Cafe Gratitude-KMA Series
* NFC is optional
* Card reader options vary upon countries

Upselling opportunities with clear, crisp visuals

With Samsung’s deep expertise in the retail sector, it understands the importance of crisp and clear visuals in attracting the attention of customers and creating upselling opportunities. Cafe Gratitude promoted its flagship Matcha Shot Cream Latte by ensuring it was one of the first items seen by customers when using the kiosk touchscreen. Within days, the café saw an increase in the order of premium beverages, doubling from 20% to 40%, while orders of an Americano or Latte – which are popular but cheaper options – decreased. The café was able to generate higher sales at the same time as generating consistent positive feedback from customers on the options available.

Cafe Gratitude-KMA Series


  • KMA 24" Self-ordering kiosk display, 1 screen

The kiosk removed the need for me to oversee activities such as ordering and payment, so I had time to spare which allowed me to spend more time on productive work such as developing new menus. Our daily routine has become incredibly simple with the kiosk, meaning we look forward to every day in the future.

Boeun Kim


Delivering improved customer engagement for a future-proofed business

Samsung’s experience in the retail sector and its latest Kiosk product, which was tested in over 200 stores, made it the perfect partner for Cafe Gratitude. The solution seamlessly fit into the café interior, provided enhanced flexibility and safety, along with improved customer engagement, delivering the perfect combination of features in a compact design. Samsung has enabled Cafe Gratitude to transform and future-proof its business, with total peace of mind.

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