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Burger Sshow

Samsung Kiosk helps homemade burger restaurant become smarter and increase sales

30 June 2021

Burger Sshow delivers a delicious experience every time with Samsung Kiosk

With demand for homemade and high-quality food consistently increasing, Burger Sshow is committed to delivering the best tasting burgers possible, in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Selling almost 5,000 burgers a month, it’s important that customers experience a seamless and delicious experience every time. Samsung, with its deep restaurant and retail expertise, was the ideal partner to support Burger Sshow in meeting demand and helping to set the business up for success for years to come.

Customer Needs

Serving customers seamlessly and safely for enhanced satisfaction

Burger Sshow
Retail, QSR
Samsung Product

Being in a busy commercial area near Hanyang University with many college students on weekdays and family customers on weekends, Burger Sshow must be able to efficiently serve customers in a fastpaced environment, while ensuring total satisfaction during every transaction. New menu items, smart ordering and a variety of pickup options are critical to meeting the demand and remaining competitive against a large volume of other restaurants, from established chains to hole-in-the-wall vendors. Moreover, considering both the concerns caused by the pandemic and the growing number of generations who prefer cutting-edge technology, Burger Sshow understands the importance of the contactless trend and state of the art technology currently being experienced by retailers and restaurants. Burger Sshow needed a solution that enhanced efficiency and productivity, provided reliability and left customers happy to enable strong brand relationships that keep them coming back.


Increased productivity and efficiency in an all-in-one, compact display

Why Samsung?

Burger Sshow needed an optimized Kiosk solution that was proven to enhance any retail environment, making Samsung the perfect partner for this transformation. With a range of versatile features, customized installation and flexible design that met the specific taste and needs of the customer, Samsung Kiosk was the obvious choice to enhance the Burger Sshow location. In addition, having observed and examined multiple different stores during the product planning phase, Samsung was confident that its Kiosk solution would deliver all the benefits required by the customer, and more.

All-in-one solution with versatile payment option  / KMA Series

All-in-one solution with versatile payment option

The all-in-one functionality of the Samsung Kiosk makes maintenance fast and easy, ensuring minimal business downtime and increasing customer satisfaction. The 24-inch touchscreen display is powered by Samsung’s proven SoC (System on Chip) technology, removing the need for an external PC while delivering powerful and reliable technology. In addition, the modular design of the Samsung Kiosk provides functionality to support a variety of payment options including credit card, barcode, QR code and NFC. It also contains an internal printer module removing the need for any additional payment peripherals.

All-in-one solution with versatile payment option  / KMA Series

Compact design to fit any place harmoniously

At only 73.3cm tall without a stand and 23.6cm deep, the Samsung Kiosk is a compact and modern solution, which seamlessly integrated with the existing aesthetic of Burger Sshow. The Kiosk also provides enhanced flexibility with three installation types – countertop, floor stand and wall-mounting – with no bulky external media player needed either for optimized space saving. As Burger Sshow is a small restaurant, the customer needed a solution that would not disrupt the space. Samsung Kiosk is designed to support a compact form such as this, so it was a seamless installation.

Compact design to fit any place harmoniously / KMA Series

Increased productivity and efficiency in management

With Samsung’s deep expertise in the retail sector, it understands the importance of productivity and efficiency in not only ensuring customer satisfaction, but also generating strong and consistent sales performance. During busy periods, the restaurant previously had difficulties in store and order management, having to deploy manpower dedicated to ordering. The Samsung Kiosk removed this need and enabled customers to order without any physical interaction, freeing up employees to focus on inventory and other important store activities. With the MagicINFO Remote Management feature, store management is also now able to improve efficiency by identifying any issues in real-time and taking necessary measures when a problem occurs. Remote control capabilities enable the diagnosis of issues and remote control of essential functions such as switching the screen on and off.


  • KMA 24" Self-ordering Kiosk display, 1 screen

Before installing the Kiosk, the biggest concern was efficiency. It was introduced to make store operations more efficient and that is what has happened. Since installation, Burger Sshow has made it easier to manage orders, improved customer convenience, achieve cost efficiency and improved productivity. It’s much better for me.

Jin-ho Hong


Delivering next-level customer experiences for future success

Samsung Kiosk product, which has been tested in over 200 stores, was the perfect solution for Burger Sshow in meeting its challenges and setting it up for future success. With efficient and effective store management, increased productivity and a seamless style, Samsung Kiosk has enabled Burger Sshow to take its business to the next level and enhance its already strong customer reputation in one of Seoul’s most popular culinary destinations.

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