BTS POP-UP Showcase
BTS POP-UP Showcase

BTS POP-UP Showcase

Samsung collaborates with Big Hit IP to enhance entertainment space

1 December 2020

The BTS POP-UP Showcase is an elevated experience with Samsung signage

Samsung and BTS, which have both generated incredible popularity across the world, came together to open a new BTS POP-UP Showcase in the capital city of Korea. Showcase in SEOUL, which consists of three different spaces across three floors, has created a space where visitors can experience an offline POP-UP Showcase, as well as purchase online and offline merchandise. Samsung’s The Serif is installed throughout the store to match the concept and purpose of each zone, while visual content is played in high quality for optimum engagement. What stands out within the store is BTS music videos shown in the highest quality through Samsung’s super-large LED Signage. In the entertainment industry, where visual content is more important than any industry to capture the imagination of people, Samsung’s technology is surprising and delighting everyone who visits the POP-UP Showcase.

Customer Needs

Get closer to your favorite artists with the latest and highest quality technology

Big Hit IP
Entertainment, Retail
Samsung Product
LED Signage, The Serif

Opportunities for people and artists to meet each other directly are usually very limited, unless people visit a concert or attend a signing event. And this has become increasingly difficult during the recent pandemic. Even if the people can’t see their favorite musicians and artists in person though, the experience of visiting a POP-UP Showcase or experiencing their music through an exhibition can make them feel closer to their heroes. Therefore, for this, the highest quality video technology is required to best showcase entertainment content. In addition, the design of each display and how it seamlessly integrates into its environment is another important factor to consider when enhancing the atmosphere of a store. Furthermore, Gangnam, where the store opened, is a place where younger generations are passionate about art and new trends, but also have an open mind to the latest technology.


Engaging displays create a unique atmosphere, bringing BTS content to life

Why Samsung?

Samsung has been a front runner in the market with industry-leading quality and technology. Plus, based on existing partnerships with the mobile division, Big Hit IP is already well aware of Samsung’s unparalleled, advanced quality. In order to create a unique POP-UP Showcase to provide the best experience to visitors, superior quality is an essential consideration. That’s why this customer chose Samsung’s technology and the two companies collaborated for this space to provide the latest and greatest in entertainment experiences.

BTS POP-UP : MAP OF THE SOUL, Showcase in seoul

Superior display makes visitor’s hearts beat

In the Black Swan experience zone on the second floor of the Showcase, as soon as visitors enter the space, there is an extra-large LED Signage, measuring 3.2 meters wide by 2.3 meters long, capturing the attention of visitor and making their hearts beat. Ultra-high-definition LED Signage that supports HDR function and can adjust brightness up to 1200 nits uses Samsung’s IFJ model (P1.2) to play UHD quality content. With HDR function, the LED Signage provides clear, deep picture quality based on a high contrast ratio, regardless of any background that might be featured in a music video or musical content.
In addition, music videos are often dynamic and feature many colorful scenes and graphics. Samsung’s technology provides a seamless visual experience to ensure any movements and scene changes are displayed naturally. This is an enhanced benefit, allowing a visitor’s favorite artist to be played in superior, ultra-realistic picture quality for a more immersive experience.

Samsung LED Signage IFJ P1.2 155” model in BTS POP-UP

Stunning display seamlessly fits in

Throughout the POP-UP Showcase, The Serif was installed within multiple zones, including the merchandise zone on the 1F, “ON” experience zone on the 2F, the Dynamite zone and the TinyTAN zone on the 3F used for merchandise advertising and promotions, as well as BTS content playback – maximizing the unique atmosphere of each zone.

Samsung Smart Hospitality Signage The Serif 43” / 55” in BTS POP-UP TinyTan Zone

Samsung’s The Serif utilizes Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, created using nano-sized quantum dots to produce 100% color volume, so crisp, realistic visuals of BTS are showcased. The iconic ‘I’ shaped design of The Serif, packaged in a slim frame and complimented by an elegant metal stand, ensures that the display enhance the harmonic atmosphere, anywhere it is placed.

Samsung Smart Hospitality The Serif 43” / 55” in BTS POP-UP TinyTan Zone


Offerings including Smart LED Signage and The Serif

  • IFJ P1.2 155” : Branding promotion display, 1 screen (4x5 cabinets)
  • The Serif 55” : Digital content playback display, 1 unit
  • The Serif 43” : Promotion display, 3 units
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Enhance impactful synergy for a totally immersive experience

The partnership of Samsung and Big Hit IP, which are renowned globally in their respective positions, created a positive and impactful synergy. Big Hit IP was able to provide visitor with the best digital content experience on a superior display. In addition, Samsung was able to prove its capabilities in providing an entertainment display by using the best visual technology. This case will serve as another opportunity for the two companies to continue and extend their partnership together.

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