How a co-working company reimagined conference culture

Arcc Spaces

How a co-working company reimagined conference culture

26 April 2022

Co-working company reinvents the hybrid model for enhanced team collaboration

For the past several years, corporate work culture has transformed at an unprecedented rate with many businesses shifting from in-person only models to remote working capabilities. Now in 2022, the way businesses operate is changing once again with companies adapting more flexible hybrid models. The change in work models has also created a need for new technologies to enable them.
Anticipating this shift ahead of time was Arcc-Spaces, a regional shared workspace provider based in Singapore. Shifting work culture provided Arcc-Spaces with an opportunity to reinvent the co-working model with a greater emphasis on hybrid environments enabled by collaboration technologies. To create an environment that accounted for shifting in-person working realities while increasing team collaboration, Arcc-Spaces implemented Samsung Flip into its flagship One Marina Boulevard location. Replacing the traditional whiteboard experience, Samsung Flip has quickly become a vital resource for Arcc-Spaces clients, enabling enhanced collaboration with teammates.

Customer Needs

Meeting client needs with new, seamless ways of working

Samsung Product
Samsung Flip WM65R

As a shared workspace solution provider, Arcc-Spaces serves a variety of clients, including leading and emerging brands. The new era of work provided Arcc-Spaces with a rare opportunity to re-evaluate its business model while gathering input from the clients on their needs. Clients expressed the desire to use new tools that enable more streamlined forms of collaboration even when their teams could not all be together in person.
Understanding the changing dynamics of shared workspaces, Arcc-Spaces planned a new type of experience where everyone could freely collaborate seamlessly, even for remote team mates. The Arcc-Spaces team sought technology that would replace outdated ways of collaboration like whiteboards due to their lack of share ability with remote co-workers. Seamless use for onsite clients and their remote team mates was the number one priority and smart boards were quickly identified as a potential solution.


Fostering creativity with flexible functionality of interactive whiteboard

Why Samsung?

Arcc-Spaces quickly identified Samsung Flip as the ideal technology solution that would bring more innovation to their co-working spaces. The company noted the Flip’s its ease of use, seamless connectivity, flexible collaboration features and attractive design. Altogether, Arcc-Spaces concluded that Samsung technology would ultimately enhance collaboration within its spaces, fostering greater creativity for its customers.

Flexible collaboration experiences

Clients at Arcc-Spaces can now use Samsung Flip to accomplish a variety of meeting objectives. Whether they are looking to brainstorm ideas, take notes or offer feedback both with co-workers in person or via remote collaboration tools, Samsung Flip provides the flexibility needed to serve hybrid working throughout the day. With advanced functionality, such as note layer*, selection tool** and merge to roll***, users can even work on complex projects including software development leveraging complex data.

The Samsung Flip also provides the connectivity capabilities, with Wi-Fi, users can browse the internet, view documents and even remotely control other devices for increased flexibility. This newfound flexibility provides clients at Arcc-Spaces a truly modern way to collaborate with multiple users inputting on to the digital board at once.

* Samsung Flip allows users to write on any background source. By simply clicking the note layer button.
** Samsung Flip offers enhanced versatility, allowing users to quickly and easily select, crop, capture, move and edit any images on the Flip’s roll without any hassle.
*** Images can also be merged to the roll with just one click of a button, allowing it to be edited or erased.

Arccs-space-Samsung Flip3-WM65R

Ease of use

The Samsung Flip intuitive operating system is a breeze for users to adapt to it comfortably. Clients shared that they are able to pick up the features quickly and use it easily. This positive feedback is shared with Arcc-Spaces on the new integration. Combined with an array of connections including network storage, printers, Bluetooth and USB devices, users can quickly connect and project relevant documents and presentations with ease

Arccs-space-Samsung Flip3-WM65R

Simple installation and maintenance

Not only is Samsung Flip easy to use, it’s also easy to install and maintain. The Arcc-Spaces appreciated the installation simplicity, noting it was as easy as installing a standard TV screen. With automatic firmware updates and robust security features, including the ability to regularly delete files, Arcc-Spaces can keep Samsung Flip up and running with consistently smooth performance.

Arccs-space-Samsung Flip3-WM65R


  • WMR 65” Interactive whiteboard display Flip

The industry has reached a point where technology is needed to bridge the gap between the physical office and the digital workplace, to create omni-channel office experiences, while also connecting employees in a way that is both engaging and thoughtful. Samsung Flip has enabled that engagement and our customer feedback has been nothing but positive

Ms Evelyn Chye
General Manager


Increasing the value of workspaces by effectively bringing teams together

Seamlessly blending into Arcc-Spaces’ signature collaboration space, The Library, Samsung Flip has become an instant success, providing the shared workspace with a competitive advantage that improves their client’s experiences and increases the space’s value. Samsung Flip strengthens Arcc-Spaces value proposition, solidifying it as a premium hub for business collaboration in the Singapore area. With the new norm of hybrid work, Samsung Flip will continue to play a vital role in bringing its customers together in the workspace and remotely.

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