The cinema of the future is starting in Switzerland


— Samsung Electronics Switzerland is revolutionizing the world of cinema with its new cinema LED screen and is equipping the first cinema in Europe with it in Zurich. —

cinema image

Zurich, 10 November 2017 - In March this year, Samsung Electronics presented the world's first display solution for the film and cinema industry at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. On an area of 10.24 x 5.4 meters, the Samsung Cinema Screen shows current blockbusters in impressive 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels). Thanks to HDR technology, this spectacle appears with an above average high contrast and a wide range of color in the pictures. At the beginning of 2018, the Arena Cinemas will be equipped with this technology in the Swiss market.

Since the first conversion from analog to digital film projectors around 10 years ago, film and movie theater technology has changed rapidly. With high-resolution LED installations instead of analog cinema screens, the next digitalization step is now being taken in the industry. The unique Samsung Cinema LED Screen illuminates a vast area of 455 inches with around 8.8 million LEDs and provides a sound system with optimum surround sound at every seat.

Swiss cinema takes a pioneering role

In collaboration with the Arena Cinemas and Imaculix AG, Samsung is building Europe's first Cinema LED Screen in a movie theater. Starting from spring next year, the Arena Cinemas of the entrepreneur Edi Stöckli will be equipped with the visually stunning screen. Mr. Stöckli’s cinema complex Arena Sihlcity will be the first one, in the heart of the film city Zurich. New possibilities of interior design are created thanks to elimination of the projector beam and the high luminosity of the LED screen. Mr. Stöckli, owner of the Arena Cinemas clarified: "We are removing the complete furnishings, implementing an innovative seating concept and consequently providing the audience with the ultimate cinematic experience."

The impression of a solid black wall is created thanks to the seamless installation and high-precision calibration. 'True black' makes the movie theater pitch dark, because there are no reflections anymore. The special format of 4,096 times 2,160 pixels (4K 'full') enables display of the two usual cinema formats 'flat' and 'scope'. This can be done without the disturbing dark gray stripes, which are known from projectors.

Fascinating movie theater experience thanks to LED technology

The luminosity of the wall is 10 times brighter than with conventional projectors. Thanks to LED technology, light intensity of up to 146 FL (Foot Lambert), respectively 500 nit, is achieved. Contents produced in High Dynamic Range (HDR) format can be played optimally thanks to the high contrast range. Color brilliance is maintained even in the brightest scenes. All details can be seen even in the darkest scenes.

Thanks to the perfect equipping with many interfaces customary with Samsung and known from the professional screen field, the connection of external players is made possible for information, advertising, presentations and games. Andy W. Bohli, Owner and Managing Director of Imaculix AG, added: "We installed the first laser projector in Switzerland in-house two years ago, and now we are taking the next logical step for the best possible movie theater experience. Our self-developed Cingerine Digital Signage System will also provide information and advertising on the screen here."

It is important to mention that average power consumption is greatly reduced thanks to Cinema LED compared to a conventional projector. Especially practical, the cinema screen is designed for 24/7 operation. Daniel Périsset, Head Samsung Business, is delighted about this technological change. "Samsung always tries to go the hilt and advance technological progress to make life easier for people and enrich their lives. We have once again succeeded in doing this with the new Cinema LED Screen. We are already looking forward to the use of the screens in other movie theaters next year."